Is there any way to block an entire exchange


I am getting calls from multiple numbers from the same exchange. I want to block the entire exchange to stop the harassment from this exchange. Is there any to do this?


In case these calls are directed at your underlying phone number rather than your primary phone number…you may want to submit a ticket and have RW change your underlying number.

More info about underlying number here


Wouldn’t the ability to block entire area codes be a lovely feature? I could put that one to good use.


It has its appeal and it’s something offered by a number of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers I’m familiar with. I do not know of a mobile phone service provider offering it at the network level. It’s possible one might find an app capable of doing so.

On the other hand, it can be a double edged sword. The miscreants know folks tend to ignore (or block) calls from area codes that aren’t local. In turn, we have the rise of local number spoofing. :persevere:


I actually pick up all calls with area codes other than my own. All I get these days in local number spoofing.


This does have it’s appeal and I can think of a few area codes I would like to block. But, I would like to block exchanges mostly (if your not familiar with the term, it’s the next 3 numbers after the area code. Now it’s called a Prefix. Back when I was a youth the exchange was the first two letters of the assigned name for an area plus a number, hence numbers and letters on keypads and rotary phones. For example my old exchange was Fieldstone 7 or Fi7). Anyway I digress, there are certain exchanges in my present area that seem to be used exclusively by spammers and Robo callers. To be able to block them would be wonderful!

I’ve used call blocking apps in the past and have had some strange things happen, so I’m not a fan of 3rd party apps for call blocking. Would prefer something that is built into Android, similar to what is there now, just more powerful. Maybe that will be the next big improvement of Android.


Safest Call Blocker will do this, although not perfectly. Some calls slip through.

The trick is using wild cards. To block calls from area code 202, you’d add 202-###-####. To block calls only from the 418 exchange in the 202 area code, you’d add 202-418-####, This latter type of block is hugely helpful to me based on calls in the log that were blocked, but as I said, it’s not always perfect.

Unfortunately, the instructions are a bit contradictory, and the developer doesn’t seem to be reachable currently.


I installed the free Avast Antivirus program on my phone and it has a call blocker feature that works well for me. I used to get many calls from the Sprint exchange associated with my phone. The blocking procedure with wildcards is very similar to what darkseas described above. Now when a call comes from the blocked exchange, the phone rings once and automatically disconnects. Simple and effective.