Is there any way to disable an application from data use?

On my old plan, I used to be able to select certain applications that were eating up my data at a high rate and make sure they were online-only. That feature doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Does it still exist? Does anyone know of a way to address this?

Hi @leahk.jghioa,

The particular feature you reference didn’t make it to Republic 3.0. Many of your fellow members are using third party apps as an alternative. This one is popular: NetGuard - no-root firewall - Android Apps on Google Play.

Is there a possibility for this feature to return?

I will never say never but one of the negative of being out of the ROM means no more fine data controls
although a VPN type filter can be added via a third party Republic’s VOIP does not always play nice with VPNs when on WiFi (knocks WiFi calls to cell network)

Many (including me) do not feel Republic should put resources reinventing the wheel by developing a VPN type solution (and turning the Republic app in to a bloatware)

My personal hope is Google will add the feature in to the Base Android in the future


I agree it’s unlikely we see per app data controls return to the Republic app. The no root firewall app I referenced in an earlier reply and most others use a local VPN on the phone to achieve the same thing. Since no VPN traffic is being transmitted off the phone, there is no impact to WiFi calling (at least none I’ve noticed when using them).

Really, this should have been done long ago. The reality is Google is at its root an advertising company. They have a business interest in one being always connected.

These type of per app data controls do exist (and have for some time) in Apple’s iOS. Apple is, however, fundamentally a hardware company, so has less of an interest in keeping all of one’s apps connected all the time for advertising purposes.


True. I don’t mind the republic app having features that are useful like per app control of what uses cell data, since that was the root of Republic’s beginnings anyway right?

3rd party apps are nice, it’s the trust factor.

What’s the difference between the Republic VPN and Netguard?

Republic uses a local VPN to control whether cell data is turned on/off in the Republic 3.0 app. It’s all or nothing. Firewall apps like Netguard allow for per app controls similar to the old Republic app on legacy phones. Republic’s per app controls on legacy phones were implemented not through use of a local firewall but rather via direct access to the Android operating system afforded by using a modified version of Android on legacy phones.

Could Republic use a local VPN to provide per app controls on 3.0 phones? Candidly, yes they could. Would it be an effective use of Republic’s resources when reasonably good 3rd party tools already exist? Not in my opinion.

In some respects, it’s the difference between using off the shelf Android operating systems on new phones vs. customizing the Android operating systems on legacy phones. Use of off the shelf Android is what affords access to the wider variety of phones supported on the 3.0 platform as well as bring your own phone.


Thanks. Got it and true about resource use. You have to pick your battles when you aren’t a huge mega Corp.

That’s why I stick with Republic Wireless. Verizon got on my nerves and my wallet :slight_smile: If it means keeping prices down for us, then it’s worth it.

It is weird though. Even with Republic’s vpn off (to use my regular VPN), I don’t use near as much cell data, with all the same apps, as I did with my x2 on refund plan


Off the top of my head, the only explanation I can think of for that is might you be using the Data saver feature avaialble in Android 7 (Nougat) and up? Doing so turns off cell data access for most apps when they’re running in the background (you’re not looking at them on your screen).

Generally, the complaint I see is increased cell data use on 3.0 but I’m happy that’s not your experience.

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Ahh yes, I did go through and disable background usage on everything that didn’t need it. Only exceptions are email, etc. I had forgot about that.

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