Is there any way to make a Verizon S7 work with Republic?

I recently bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 from ebay to replace my destroyed Nexus 6 with Republic. When I put in my sim card, the S7 informed me that the sim card was not from Verizon and although I can connect on wifi and even text with my republic number using wifi, I cannot call or connect to the cellular network. I was informed that the “Verizon version” of the S7, even unlocked, was not supported on the Republic network. Why not? Verizon phones work with both gsm and cdma networks so isn’t there a way to fix the APN settings with Republic’s APN settings for messaging and calls to make this work? I cannot afford to buy another phone and am willing to do whatever necessary, if possible of course, to make this work. I appreciate any help I can get on this topic!

Not at this time.

Hi @kevinh.tsk14o,

Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service is enabled by an app. To date, that app has only been tested and known to work well with North American factory unlocked phones. No carrier branded phones (locked or unlocked) are supported at this time. There’s more involved than changing APN settings.

Do you have the ability to return the phone to the eBay vendor who sold it to you? If not, short of flashing the ROM with the North American factory unlocked software, there is no way to get a Verizon branded S7 working on Republic. More here: Unsupported Samsung S7/ Edge workaround. I urge extreme caution going down that road but you did ask if there was anything that might work.

Okay, would you mind expanding upon why? This video shows how to change the galaxy’s settings to accept T-Mobile’s network even when they said it wouldn’t be possible. Is a similar process not available using Republic’s APN information?

Using a VERIZON phone on T-MOBILE Network (Samsung, iPhone, HTC etc) - YouTube

Thank you for your time.

on eBay add SM-930U to the search for a S7 (SM-935U for S7 Edge) to find compatible phones

I wish I could explain why. RW certifies phones. It is possible they haven’t attempted certification yet or it is possible they did attempt certification and that model wouldn’t work. I’m just a customer like you and don’t really know. In re-reading your question I see my answer simply told you something you already knew and failed to explain why.

Hi @kevinh.tsk14o,

Republic’s service doesn’t just use cellular networks. Republic blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its’ former corporate parent (WiFi calling and messaging) with one of two cellular partners. It’s Republic’s app that makes this blending possible and Republic has not qualified its’ app as working with the software builds on carrier branded phones. The app will only activate a North American factory unlocked phone.

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