Is there anyway to interact with my phone with no glass screen operating?

Long story, but DH tried to glue my glass screen down. Now cannot access my phone. Good news is I ordered a new one (was contemplating getting one), but now it became a necessity. New phone on order. Is there anyway I can get text messages while waiting for new phone, without being able to see anything on screen on old phone? I had removed “anywhere” a month ago, since I had very limited internal storage. Wish I hadn’t done that now since I could still get texts on my laptop. Any advice?


If I’m understanding correctly and the attempted repairs to your phone’s screen have resulted in being unable to see anything on the screen (as opposed to the screen being non-responsive), then short of expensive forensic recovery it won’t be possible to retrieve any information from your old phone.

There is some relatively good news. Installing Republic Anywhere on your new phone and/or computer will restore the last 30 days of text messages from Republic’s servers.

Beyond that, anything previously synced with your Google account on your old phone would populate your new phone when the same Google account is added.

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Hey, really good response. Glad to know about population of last 30 days of texts on new phone automatically when I install “Republic Anywhere”. I am on Google, also have a 250 GB SD card on which I have put all of my pictures, documents, data. In my efforts to reduce internal storage, I had moved everything that could be on the SD card to the card. So when I get new phone, will just have to load apps I want. Also, when I was removing apps, sent myself an email listing which apps I uninstalled, so I could remember to load them back when needed. So it won’t be a huge drill to get going with my new phone. Can’t wait to get it.

Thanks again.



Hi @paulinepdm (Pauline)

The community would love to know which phone you chose and your impressions of your new device, after you get used to it.
If you like, you can have your RW user name changed to something more unique…(non alpha-numeric)

Yes I will, got the Samsung Galaxy s10e+, anxiously awaiting delivery on Wednesday. Have no idea how my RD user name got all those characters, and no clue how to change it.

RW not RD. My eyes are not working like they used to and light gray text is very hard to see, plus using a different device until new phone arrives.

Just let me know what username you’d like, and (if it’s not already taken) I’ll gladly change it.

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how about paulinepdm? I may have signed up for this before, but can’t remember, been on Republic Wireless for a while.

Hi @paulinepdm - your username has been updated!


thank you Southpaw, appreciate it.

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