Is there data coverage on certain phones in zip code 52404?

Is there data coverage on certain phones in zip code 52404?

I have voice and text, but used to get data. I cannot currently get data.

First find out if you are on the CDMA or GSM partner

If your phone was a BYOD it will be GSM

if from Republic please do the following to find out

from @rolandh

dial ##786## and note what happens.

If nothing happens, your phone is provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner.

If you are on the GSM partner network there will be no data as you phone will be roaming in zip code 52404 (there no roaming data on 3.0 plans)

if you purchased from Republic and are on the GSM network then please create a ticket and have them set up CDMA and give you a LTE SIM link to your phone (there will be no need to change phones)

if BYOD you should also create a ticket and see if Republic can help

if you are CDMA please try the magic six that can solve issue like this

from @seanr

  1. Restart the phone - The global cure-all, if the phone is just in an odd state then this can clear it.
  1. Reset Republic Credentials*##8647##* - Sometimes when the phone needs to refresh its credentials, the phone is in a state where it gets interrupted in this process sometimes it can’t upgrade properly and gets stuck. ##8647## is a way to force it to grab new credentials.
  1. Update the PRL (Preferred Roaming List) - This does ONLY apply to roaming data, calling and texting, but we get people who get spots of roaming and do not realize why they cannot connect and it is simple to do. Should be on a good Sprint connection to do, but it can work over WiFi just not with the cell radio off, it will give an error.
  1. **Wipe Sprint settings **##72786# - This is a very forceful profile update removing the main cellular settings on the phone. A profile update must follow, then a restart. Usually suggested for calling, data and SMS issues.
  1. Update the profile - Goes out to the cellular carrier and and asks for a new profile file. Fixes most of the my phone does not work on cell issues.
  1. Restart again - Should do a Restart after profile updates. It is a good practice.

Should you do all of them? Not necessarily, but they are easy steps that usually do not hurt to do.

After these we are looking at:

Safe Mode/Factory Reset - We look at this when we suspect an app is behaving badly. To diagnose/fix.

You should open a Republic Help request. We can ask and prod and maybe help point you to an answer, but the official help channel can probably supply a fix much faster.

FYI, not all of the “magic six” works as documented for 3.0 phones provisioned on CDMA.

is there an updated list for those that do?

Other than one I’ve cobbled together because I have a CDMA provisioned 3.0 phone no and what I have may not translate to all brands. If it comes to the need for that; I’m with @cbwahlstrom, best to raise a ticket. The process just isn’t as elegant as with legacy phones.

Did you check your plan to see if you are on the Talk & Text plan? That has no data included in the plan you may want to change this if it is the case.

I escalated your ticket your part of the country is not conducive to GSM. Back when you got the phone CDMA was not an option. We should be able to get you fixed up.

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