Is there good coverage in all areas of North Carolina

I’m trying to convince family members to use Republic Wireless because some of them have very expensive cell phone plans. Each person is afraid of not having good coverage and thinks that Verizon is the only reliable service in their area of North Carolina. I can see by the coverage map that there should be good coverage there, but people are so hesitant to make a change. This would be in and around Winston-Salem, King, Trinity, High Point and Greensboro. Do any of you have good coverage in those areas? I am in Charlotte and have great coverage here. Thanks for any help.

I can’t say for certain since I’m in Raleigh, but my guess would be coverage in the Triad should be similar to the Charlotte and Raleigh areas. My GSM coverage is excellent here.

The truth is, no one carrier will be ‘superior’ in all areas. This is where Republic by offerings shine, with GSM (T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint) coupled with the WiFi we have at home and that is readily available (and was recently enhanced by Republics Verified WiFi, which provides connection to many verified hotspots)
Here are some source you and your friends can use to check

Personally, I would recommend that you consult the coverage maps provided by RootMetrics 42 … the ones that the carriers provide are based off of engineering maps which don’t adequately reflect actual experience.
Root Metrics actually drive the routes shown with a bank of phones continuously making calls on the various carriers. This data is then analyzed to drive the map generation … you can select the carrier (Sprint for CDMA and T-Mobile for GSM) … additionally if you use their app from Google Play you add your data to their source
Example of how coverage is reported.


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