Is there still a delay in placing calls?

Hi. I quit RW about 2 years ago because I constantly had a delay (5 or even 10 minutes) after I placed a call that it would finally go through. My question is, is that still an issue? Has that problem been resolved? I am thinking of coming back to RW, but no way if that is still an issue. Thanks!

that issue only existed in the Legacy phones and was fixed with a combination Lollipop 5.1 OS upgrade and the addition of the 2.0 Republic Telephony app (included in the ROM) while have 2.0 Republic Wireless app

all 3.0 phones do not have this issue

I haven’t seen any problems since they updated the operating system to Lollipop, over a year ago. Of course all new phones come with Marshmallow or higher operating systems and no longer have the custom ROM chip inside.

Hi @mindyb.fna0xb,

For what it’s worth, I have three Republic phones in my household (all on Android 6 Marshmallow). None of them exhibit delayed dialing.

We get no tickets for this anymore.

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