Is there still a warranty on my Moto G 3? I can't find anything about warranty info on your website

So last night, my phone froze as I was trying to unlock it. I pressed the lock button and pressed it again to open the phone back up and it still was on that same screen. I figured I would shut it down and reboot it, I have problems with my phone all the time and rebooting it always seems to fix it. It said it was shutting down for about 15 minutes or so and I pressed the lock button one more time and the phone finally seemed to shut off. Then, no matter what I did, I could not get it to turn on. I thought maybe it was dead so I put on the charger all night but it still will not turn on and I am getting no indication that it still works. I just got my phone last june, it is a Moto G 3. I can not find anything on this website about a warranty and was wondering if there was a way you could check if there was still a warranty on my phone. I should not have to pay for a new phone, seeing as how I did not break it, the phone like killed itself.

Warranty are backed by the OEM and Typical one year so the question is when did you purchase the Moto G 3rd Gen

there should be a invoice if you purchased it from Republic in your account Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless

depending on which credit card used they may have an warranty extension though them so it would not hurt to check with them.

Hi @jadenm.4xu2zk,

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties. Your G3 has a one-year warranty provided by the manufacturer (Motorola) not Republic Wireless. Nevertheless, if you purchased your phone from Republic, I encourage you to raise a help ticket here: Republic Help. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may contact Motorola.

Meanwhile, perhaps something here will help: Troubleshooting Guide by Motorola?

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