Is this a legitimate email for Google

I don’t use my google email much but am wondering it this is a phishing email. Why would they want me to verify my information?

You might want to review this article Avoid and report phishing email by Gmail Support


Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

You’d need to show us what’s in the E-mail for us to be able to determine if what you’re seeing is legitimate.

Best practice is not to click any links an a suspicious E-mail.
Here’s Google’s official word on verifying a Google Account:


When you hover your mouse pointer over a link (URL link or email link), the actual address the link leads to is typically displayed in the bottom-left corner of the browser, as shown in the picture below. I use Firefox. Other browsers may display the link in a diff location. But, all browsers will display the true link, even if the text under your mouse pointer spells something different.

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