Is this a mistake!? Getting a gift from RW? Update


Uhhhh I just got an email stating my recent order will ship. It’s a promotional card, wallet, and a Moto z5 phone… But the total says $0. What is going on?! Is this the gift they email be about a few weeks ago or is this a mistake? I’m confused…


Ordered One Phone, Got Two

I’m confused as well @jessical.po9vwe

First off, I’m not aware of a Moto Z5. Anyway you could post a screenshot of the email?..(personal info redacted).

I’m going to tag @southpaw, she may know whats going on.



It might be a MOTO G5. Lucky you!

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Sorry yes it says G5 not Z. Here’s a screenshot of the email and in my account.



RW does give phones to people from time-to-time but I’ve not seen it handled this way. Let us know if you receive a shipping notice.



Is the Moto G5 plus better than a Moto X pure?



The Moto X Pure is a 2 year old flagship (release summer of 2015)
the Moto G5 Plus is a step below flagship a high mid-line phone release this year (2017)

edit to say I would take a current Moto G5 Plus over the sightly outdated Moto X Pure (all thing being equal and both new in box)



Wow! Does look as if you are getting a free device!

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I don’t know what I did to get it though… Almost looks like for a referral program but I’ve only had one of my family members to sign up. Lol it would be very nice to get a free device!



Well looks as if you are getting one! Surprise!

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Hi @jessical.po9vwe,

It is indeed the gift you were E-mailed about a couple of weeks ago, and it’s not a mistake. Thank you for being a loyal Republic Wireless member and thank you for telling others about us. :heart:



I received the same emails and I thought they were a mistake. I have 4 family members who signed up after me, but I don’t know if any of them put me as a referral. this is an awesome surprise.

I was writing a help ticket when I found this thread.

Edit: mine don’t say anything about a referral credit though.



Please don’t open a support ticket about this. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and we can let the support team focus on technical issues.

We appreciate your influence on those you know that may have impacted their decision to join the Republic.



I also received this email earlier today. Very excited about this!! Thanks Republic Wireless!



Hi @southpaw,
Just out of curiosity, what stuck out that made you guys choose who you chose for a free gift? I know I’ve had 3 people switch to Republic since I joined, but there may have been 1 referral out of it because the original $20 referral ended by the time the others joined…

Was this a combination of time with the company, community posts, etc? Otherwise, how would you know that they referred others to join Republic?

My curiosity has been intrigued!




Thank you for posting this. I’ve been searching the forums off and on for 2 weeks waiting to see if anybody else got the gift email. When I got the first email I expected another shirt or something. I was stunned to see the full order details showing that a phone is part of the package.

OK, here’s a question for you @southpaw… I see there are other loyalty pieces in this package and I saw that I’ll be getting a few more emails. So… are there any other disclaimers or fine print with this new phone or should I expect to be able to switch over to this phone once it arrives? Or am I asking too much and need to wait to see what’s in the box? I only ask because I really like my current holster & screen protector and I want to order the G5 Plus versions now if I will indeed start using this phone upon arrival.

I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve referred to Republic Wireless both during and after the Referral Program. I’ve been a happy RW customer since I joined 3 years ago and I’m happy to share the love. But this is icing on the cake!!



Hi @benjaminf.haklmn,

I can’t reveal the secret mix of factors, and I hope you won’t feel slighted! We do appreciate your loyalty and evangelism, too!



Hi @purple_sunday,

The phone is a no-strings-attached, thank you gift for being a loyal member and telling others about us. It is yours to use, put in a drawer, give to a friend (or random Community Manager :wink:), sell… do with it anything that’s legal and won’t hurt anybody.



That’s cool, I will just keep my 1.0 plan at 22.50.
A new phone would be nice.

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Awesome. Thanks for the clarification. I’m gonna be greedy and keep the phone for myself. But if a random Community Manager is ever in the area and wants to have lunch by a baseball stadium, it’s my treat. :slight_smile:


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