Is this hack threat real?


Is this hack threat real? How can I protect my phone? I have a Defy XT phone with Android Gingerbread 2.3.7. I got an email on my home computer from someone claiming to have hacked my phone. Some research tells me that the Gingerbread Android phones were heavily hacked in the past. The email includes the last two digits of my phone number and he had my email address. Anyone have any advice?


It appears to be nothing but a scam used for extortion:


Hi @mitchl.s5vk6r,

I’ve gotten one of those E-mails, too. It’s a very creepy E-mail, but you can ignore it.

Congratulations on keeping the DEFY XT up and running for so long!


Thanks southpaw. I have reported it and after some research and your reply have decided to ignore it. I am backing everything up just in case. My DEFY XT was purchased used for $20 and has lasted for a long time. It doesn’t do everything it used to but does the basics. I hope to buy a newer model when there is a good deal on sale. Thanks for the help!


Appreciate the help. I too researched it and found that the best thing to do is to ignore it, though some have sent in the money which is sad. I plan to ignore it but back up all my data in the interim.


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