Is this phone compatible with Republic? Interesting case

Hello, I have found an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 on ebay, link attached:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Onyx Black with G930U Unlocked Cricket H2O Tmobile Red Pocket | eBay

As stated in the description, this was originally a SM-G930P phone but has SM-G9030U firmware. Does this mean it would be compatible with Republic’s network? Thank you!

There are two aspects of this phone that raise alarms. I would walk away from it:

If it was truly a 930U it would work with CDMA carriers.

Interestingly, SM-G930P is the Sprint carrier branded variant, so if the seller’s statement is accurate it originated as a phone intended for use on a CDMA network. It’s entirely possible the phone has been flashed with the North American factory unlocked firmware, effectively converting it to SM-G30U and would quite possibly activate on Republic.

Would I spend $300 plus dollars to find out if the seller’s statement are accurate, no.

I think what’s going on here is that Verizon won’t activate on their network because the MEID isn’t one of there’s. Sprint will not activate it because there’s probably a financial or other hold on the MEID, so the seller unlocks the GSM portion, flashes the “U” variant of the OS and then sells it for GSM activation only (where the MEID wouldn’t matter).

Certainly a plausible explanation. I still wouldn’t spend the money to find out but to each their own.

I think I know what’s going on with the IMEI here. There are sketchy individuals selling “IMEI cleaning” services on eBay and across the internet. I looked into one of the services and found that they actually strip the old IMEI from the pone and give it a new one. As you probably know, this is highly illegal. However, they are still doing it anyway. The service I looked at specifically stated that it wouldn’t work on CDMA anymore. Of course, there are other services that claim it will only work on Verizon. I assume those don’t actually replace the IMEI.

No matter the case, I wish eBay would remove these auctions as fraudulent. Selling a phone as a “SM-930U” when it isn’t and you’ve made it one flashing the ROM should be considered a fraudulent listing. I’ve noticed that the primary seller of these has changed the “DOES NOT WORK WITH VERIZON OR SPRINT” to “DOES NOT WORK WITH VERIZON, SPRINT OR REPUBLIC WIRELESS”.

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They should also remove and ban anyone selling IMEI cleaning services.

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