Is this phone ok for BYOP?

Will this model for pixel 3 xl work with republic even though I see Canada information on box. I’m thinking of buying this from Facebook marketplace and don’t want to get stuck with a phone that won’t work? Model G013C.

Hi @gusgus and welcome to the Member Community. According to the following document, if the phone is truly a Model G013C, it is compatible (see the BYOP list).

Here’s another document that might help with phone selection.

Maybe others will weigh in with comments regarding the Canada information on the box. Our family runs Motos so have no detailed knowledge about the Pixel labeling.

Hi @gusgus and welcome to the Community!

Generally an unlocked Pixel intended for use in North America is Republic compatible. That said, would you be kind enough to share the Facebook marketplace link?

Thank you!

Hi @gusgus,

Presuming it’s accurately listed, I see nothing indicating it wouldn’t be compatible. I’m also not seeing what caused you to reference “Canada information on the box”. Can you point me to that?

I’ve never bought anything on Facebook Marketplace, so have no idea what protections they offer for a seller being wrong about or intentionally misrepresenting an item. I’m not saying this seller is doing so, however, it’s always a possibility when buying previously used on the secondary market.

My preferred venue for when shopping the secondary market is Swappa. I’ve bought and sold there and the experience doing both has been good. They have some unlocked Pixel 3 XLs here:

Thanks for your advice. I did end up buying the phone tonight and I also just ordered the sim card through republic. Fingers crossed. I am attaching a picture that the seller sent to me to let me know what the model number is. That is where it mentions Canada.

That’s entirely normal as most phones made for the US are also distributed in Canada and need to meet the requirements the Canadian version of the FCC puts on manufacturers. That’s the right version (assuming the phone in the box matches the box).

Thank you!

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