Is this Samsung Galaxy J3 Compatible?

It says this phone is compatible with Republic, it’s a SM-J327R6, but I get bummer, this phone isn’t a fit for Republic. Is there anything else I can do.

Hi @brucek.gm450p and welcome to the Member Community. The acceptable model numbers for the Samsung J3 are very specific.

Where did you get the phone? Is the seller willing to exchange it? With so little information it’s difficult to suggest anything but getting a different model from wherever you got the phone.

What other info do you need. It was a hand me down to me. I’m fighting my moto E it’s been out of memory for a while, it was listed here as compatible figured I’d give it a shot. Got a sims card off Amazon.

The only models that I can find that are shown as compatible (SM-J320A, SM-J327U, SM-J337U, SM-J727U, SM-J737U) are listed in the link. It’s my understanding that it must be one of those models to be compatible with RW. I’m just another Member and not a Samsung expert. Maybe someone else has a different solution for your issue.

Got the app on there, that’s what tells me no go.

Checking compatibility using the RW app is the first method of checking a phone as described in this “How to” –

The second method listed links to a compatibility checker on the web site. But it all goes back to compatible model numbers. Sorry, I don’t have a solution for you. Maybe others will have some suggestions.

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Sounds like it may be a carrier specific model you have.

SM-J327R6 comes up on google as the J3 Pop or Prime. Seems a Tmobile or MetroPCS prepaid device.

When you reboot or turn on the the phone, does it show any logo screens, like for Verizon, Tmobile…US Cellular etc?

The person that used it before you, do you know where they bought it and what carrier they used it on?

Republic only supports certain Factory Unlocked Android phones.
Carrier specific phones are not compatible, even if they are SIM or Carrier unlocked.


No carrier logo on boot up. it was worth a shot. Thanks! I’ll keep playing!

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