Is this service compatible with vpn?

Wondering if vpn is necessary for security with this service. Seems that many of the Wifi connections that can be used when away from home would be public and therefore not secure. So would vpn work with the service when combined with cellular connection? You can likely guess I am a novice.

It all depends on the Wifi you are connected to. I use a VPN to my router when connected to public Wifi when doing certain things, banking, sites with passwords, etc. I have found a few Wifi spots where my VPN would not connect which means they must be blocking the ports it needs, so I don’t do as much with wifi there.

As a side note: my VPN doesn’t allow calls to come through on wifi when connected. I don’t connect up VPN all that often so I haven’t bothered trying to get it to work.

Hi @rileyw.5ztetq,

You may certainly use a VPN when connected to public WiFi hotspots if you wish. Your experience is likely to mirror @johnf.qwchk1’s in that calls will be routed over cellular rather than WiFi. This is due to the additional latency introduced by the VPN. Higher latency and real-time voice do not get along well together. The VPV latency overhead should not impact cell data use.

rileyw.5ztetq wrote:

Is this service compatible with vpn?

I generally say yes, it just depends what type of VPN. I’ve had good luck with OpenVPN.

I appreciate the responses. I am such a novice with these types of details I was trying to gage the security concerns with RW’s approach. I believe I will first try experiencing the service for a period of time while trying to school myself on the various concerns. I admit that I do not fully understand the routing controls or even how the wifi connections will work away from my home wifi and if there is a password required what additional security that introduces. I have never used a vpn service and therefore don’t even know how that would work apart from the RW cellular+wifi approach. I like the novel idea but don’t want to put myself in jeopardy since I have had ID theft issues.

VPN’s are never more needed now since the Krack hack attack! My third-party vpn limits calls/msgs to cellular too (but probably a good thing due to this issue) with wifi data going through the vpn’s encrypted servers thus limiting client vulnerabilities to the wifi issue. This is important because my Moto X Pure will probably never be patched… I’m still waiting for the Nougat update and its security patches, a totally separate annoying issue! lol

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