Is this text message a scam?

I received a text message from xxxxxx. To access message please install and open Republic wireless app:
Is this a scam or is it something I need to do ???
did a live chat it is not a scam

With whom did you live chat?

Republic Help Team on this site…

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Thanks for the response, and the link is a legitimate Republic Wireless Help Document.

  • I was not aware of this particular document before now, so will ask more questions of you
    • Do you currently have the RW app installed on your phone?
    • Do you recognize the 10 digit number that was trying to send you a message?

yes the app is on my phone but it is a fairly new phone I did not go to the link but went to play store and uninstalled the app then installed it again. the phone number it came from is my number as if I sent a text to myself

  • This only a guess, but with all the local number spoofing (where the spammers actually use any/all of the numbers in the same prefix as yours), not sure but I would think it’s feasible that they could hit you eventually.
    • As it was your number, and you didn’t send yourself a text I would probably not worry about it

Do you by chance have a Samsung phone?

Hi @tinad.472jmg,

It’s unclear to me. Did the steps in the Help Center article Republic’s live chat pointed you to work or not?

yes, I have only had it a couple of weeks

When I originally got the text I was concerned it may be a scam because well pretty much every day there is some one trying to scam you. Not paranoia 2020 reality. I get messages from every bank name available and Amazon.
Honestly, I don’t know what the message was for still I did however follow the instructions and if I knew why I got the message I could tell you if it helped but I don’t.
It is not clear why I got the message and it is doesn’t clarify that this text message is not a scam on the help center link.
I know it is not a scam and I did what I needed to do for better or worse.

Hey @tinad.472jmg and Ambassadors!

I just want to clear up what I think is going on here.

When you pop in an active Republic SIM without installing the Republic app and get a text message, you’ll get a text like that one instructing you to download the app to view the message.

This is NOT a scam. It’s a feature that makes sure you know to download the Republic app to use our service.

Hope that clears this up!


the phone has been active for a couple of weeks but its possible it was a delay in text. Its cleared up now and a non issue my Only concern was if it was a scam which it is not and I am moving on to do what every other thing I do in life. Thank you all for your assistance

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I recently received this identical message a couple of times on my Samsung Galaxy 9+, which has been active on RW with a GSM SIM for over 2 years. Since my Republic app was and is up-to-date (verified on the installed app) and the phone has been working just fine, I presumed these messages were a scam and simply deleted them. If they are “legitimate” RW messages, then there’s a serious bug in the RW app that should be addressed by RW’s engineering department.

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