Is this text message a scam?

I received a text message from xxxxxx. To access message please install and open Republic wireless app:
Is this a scam or is it something I need to do ???
did a live chat it is not a scam

With whom did you live chat?

Republic Help Team on this site…

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Thanks for the response, and the link is a legitimate Republic Wireless Help Document.

  • I was not aware of this particular document before now, so will ask more questions of you
    • Do you currently have the RW app installed on your phone?
    • Do you recognize the 10 digit number that was trying to send you a message?

yes the app is on my phone but it is a fairly new phone I did not go to the link but went to play store and uninstalled the app then installed it again. the phone number it came from is my number as if I sent a text to myself

  • This only a guess, but with all the local number spoofing (where the spammers actually use any/all of the numbers in the same prefix as yours), not sure but I would think it’s feasible that they could hit you eventually.
    • As it was your number, and you didn’t send yourself a text I would probably not worry about it

Do you by chance have a Samsung phone?

Hi @tinad.472jmg,

It’s unclear to me. Did the steps in the Help Center article Republic’s live chat pointed you to work or not?

yes, I have only had it a couple of weeks

When I originally got the text I was concerned it may be a scam because well pretty much every day there is some one trying to scam you. Not paranoia 2020 reality. I get messages from every bank name available and Amazon.
Honestly, I don’t know what the message was for still I did however follow the instructions and if I knew why I got the message I could tell you if it helped but I don’t.
It is not clear why I got the message and it is doesn’t clarify that this text message is not a scam on the help center link.
I know it is not a scam and I did what I needed to do for better or worse.

Hey @tinad.472jmg and Ambassadors!

I just want to clear up what I think is going on here.

When you pop in an active Republic SIM without installing the Republic app and get a text message, you’ll get a text like that one instructing you to download the app to view the message.

This is NOT a scam. It’s a feature that makes sure you know to download the Republic app to use our service.

Hope that clears this up!


the phone has been active for a couple of weeks but its possible it was a delay in text. Its cleared up now and a non issue my Only concern was if it was a scam which it is not and I am moving on to do what every other thing I do in life. Thank you all for your assistance

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I recently received this identical message a couple of times on my Samsung Galaxy 9+, which has been active on RW with a GSM SIM for over 2 years. Since my Republic app was and is up-to-date (verified on the installed app) and the phone has been working just fine, I presumed these messages were a scam and simply deleted them. If they are “legitimate” RW messages, then there’s a serious bug in the RW app that should be addressed by RW’s engineering department.

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I have just started getting the same message a couple times a day for the last two days. I’ve deleted them but it’s annoying and concerning because there is a hyper link in the message that appears as if I should click that to get the RW app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 that has been active since March 2020 and the republic app is installed and working on my phone. I’ve not changed the SIM card nor done anything unusual. I will report the message as spam if it continues since this forum didn’t clear up whether it’s a bug or spam or something else. It comes from a phone number that I don’t recognize.

Hi @harrietw,

The shortcode text message you are receiving is a text message from our servers. It is being sent because our server cannot conrfirm the app is installed on your phone.

We’ve been seeing this lately on Samsung phones on Android 10, as the power management tools are putting the Republic App into a deep sleep to conserve battery, and this deep sleep is impacting the phone’s ability to work on our network.

Opening the Republic app will awaken it, but to keep it from being put back into this deep sleep, please take the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Device Care
  3. Tap Battery
  4. Tap App Power Management
  5. Tap “Apps that won’t be put to sleep”
  6. Tap +Add apps
  7. Find Republic Wireless in the list of apps, and tap it.
  8. Tap Add at the bottom right.

thanks you! Instructions followed and hope this will solve the problem. I never open links sent from unknown # and I wish this could have been sent in an email from RW instead to avoid the confusion. I do appreciate the prompt resolution. I’ve also noticed that my phone keeps switching to using Cell instead of WIFI as the preference. I keep switching it back to WiFi preferred. Perhaps this is related to RW app being put to sleep?

I think we’d need to explore this in a separate topic so as not to confuse the two matters, and so that people who have more interest and expertise in WiFi connectivity might chime in. (They may not be watching a topic about bizarre text messages.)

Please feel free to open a new topic about your phone moving from WiFi to cell by clicking the “Ask your Question” link. Tell the Community as much as you can about when you’ve noticed it happening and what you normally do to resolve it.

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