Is update message legitimate?

On my Motog (1st gen) I keep having a screen coming up that says, **" Install system update" "New **version221.26.14.en.US" “Install time: 20 minutes” “You will not be able to place or receive phone calls , including emergency calls, during installation !”

With all of the scams and virus problems, I am concerned about how to tell if this is a legitimate and real republic update or a scammer trying to take control of my phone ?

Should I tap “install now” ? ** If so**, will I be satisfied with this update?

Thanks for you anticipated fine advice


it looks to be a system update from last year Moto G and X (1st Gen.) SMR Updates

to verify it’s legit you can check for updates in the Android setting (near the bottom of the setting page) if it shows up after checking for updated it would be legit

This is a legitimate update. See here for details

Moto G and X (1st Gen.) SMR Updates

Plan on doing the updates when you have some time to spare...and the phone has reasonable amount of charge.

Be sure to review this document

How to Install System Updates (From Lollipop)

especially make sure to follow the Before and After the update sections of the document.

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