Is VOIP the principal reason to leave RW?

I can no longer do my banking with PNC. This is important to me so I too may leave.

Unless you’re willing to go with one of the big 3, pretty much everyone else is voip.

Not true. I only know of a couple providers whose phone numbers are classified as VOIP or land line. Most MVNOs have phone numbers tied to one of the big three.


It’s a darned shame that PNC has chosen to rely purely on the insecure and unreliable SMS method of 2FA. The bank I do business with has their app, a hardware token, e-mail and a phone call, all as alternatives. This is as good a reason to leave PNC as it is to leave Republic.


Hi @michaell.map921,

I also bank at PNC. What specifically is it that you can no longer do?

I cannot deposit my checks using my Galaxy S9. I cannot add my cell phone number for another layer of security for my 3 accounts. I also cannot get reinstated to my Twitter account which also says my RW number is not a valid phone number, same as PNC. Also my new Medtronics 630 G insulin pump has programming done via my cell phone and guess what? "Not a valid phone number’.

Hi @michaell.map921,

What kind of error message do you see when you try to deposit checks?

I wonder if this is something new from PNC. I was able to add my number some time ago. I’ll let our team who has worked through similar issues with the Social Security Administration and Bank of America know that PNC now needs to be added to the list.

I mistakenly thought your original post was specific to PNC, and I’m not able to bring any personal experience to these two additional companies. Have you tried contacting the Medtronics?

My original complaint was just with PNC Bank. The picture now spins when i take a picture. I agree that they changed something as my phone used to work just fine depositing checks.

I bank with US Bank. Talking with a US Bank customer service rep, it seemed that US Bank is not supporting MVNOs such as RW with their online banking app.

Hi @wheels4me,

Sadly, you are correct about that. Did they say MVNOS generally? Or, did they specifically mention VoIP?

Republic’s word on the matter is here:

The conversation with the CSR at US Bank was unclear as to whether the issue was MVNO or VOIP. The CSR knew there was a problem with smaller cell phone companies. Clearly an issue with settings in the NOC.

I put in another request to US Bank to make it work with my RW cell number.


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I’m not sure if VoIP is the reason, but it was pretty annoying for me when I was on Republic. I’ve switched to Mint and haven’t looked back. Mint has WiFi calling, and although it doesn’t switch between cell and WiFi like RW (which didn’t work that great to began with), the price point is unbeatable. I pay my bill annually, which is $240 ($20 per month) and I get 8GB of LTE Data. RW doesn’t even come close.

I was getting really tired and frustrated of cutting back on being able to watch a YouTube clip outside, for fear I would exceed my 2GB of data per month. I now get 4x’s the data which costs me $5-$10 less per month. No worries of updating the RW app either. RW is a great company, but they really have to step up their game when it comes to data.

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In regards to Twitter, I had this problem and the solution was to contact their online support and they clear the conflict and allow you to register your account. Tell them that you can’t receive text confirmations and they verify you in an alternative way. May take a few days for them to get back to you.

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I tried numerous times to contact anyone at Twitter and never received a reply. If you have a contact email that works I’d appreciate it. I got a ticket number and no reply. I tried again and got an automated message that I had a ticket open and I should get a reply in 2 to 3 days. I never did and tried again only to get that same automated reply over and over again.

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Hi @michaell.map921,

Unfortunately, I don’t have a paper check to deposit at the moment, but would be glad to try this if anyone wants to send one my way. :grin:.

I have a family member who also banks at PNC, and she just tried a mobile deposit on WiFi and it worked.

By “spinning” id you mean the image that indicates the deposit is being processed just “spins” without ever completing the deposit, or that the photo you are taking somehow spins? If you are referring to the image that indicates the deposit is processing, are you sure the phone has an internet connection when you’re trying to make the deposit? It doesn’t seem this would have anything to do with the phone number being classified as VoIP.

Hi @michaell.map921,

A few things I would look at:
First please, check out the US Bank permissions in the apps settings and make sure it has permission for the camera.
Another possibility is if you have another camera app installed, maybe the bank app is trying to use that…? Just a guess. (If so try uninstalling it as a test)

Maybe while you are checking the bank app camera permissions you can clear the cache of the app. (Tho you might have to sign back into it.)

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

It seems like PNC won’t let me add my number, which means my PNC account isn’t syncing with my account. Any idea if there’s a way around this?

I posted this very question maybe 2 months ago. Of all the answers I got the one I didn’t want seems to be the only solution. That one said either change banks or cell carrier. I started with Republic way back when but this April when my year paid in advance expires I’m switching over to Spectrum. My wife did and her banking woes disappeared. I confess that I don’t understand why VOIP designation would make any difference but it does. I used to be able to access PNC and now I can’t; same phone. Doing online banking is important to me and so I only have one option.

Major bummer

I don’t even need to use mobile banking. I just need to be able to verify my account so that will sync with it. Any idea if PNC has some other way to do that?

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