Is wifi only gone?

I moved to Canada and switched my phone to Wifi only and it’s great. I’m going to visit the states and want to switch my phone to talk and text for the trip but am worried that if wifi only is gone, when I switch I will no longer be grandfathered in, and wont be able to switch back to it when I return to canada. Is this the case? I don’t see “wifi only” on the list of available plans from Republic Wireless.

As long as you are using one of the legacy phones, you will be OK. Depending on whether you are on a the 2.0 plan or 1.0 plan, will determine how fast you will move from the WiFi only plan to the cell and text plan and back again.

Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund

Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans

If you wish, you can verify that with support by opening a support ticket Republic Help

you did list which phone or plan structure your on

both Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans and Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund on Legacy phones still have a $5 WiFi only plan

the change is instant on 1.0 plans as 1 of the 2 changes per month your allowed

the change needs to wait until your billing cycle for 2.0 (the change back is instant)

3.0 phones and Our Most Affordable Plans at $15/month, with Unlimited Talk & Text | Republic Wireless do not have a $5 or WiFi only plan due to how the Republic number is bonded with the underlying carrier which mean it needs to be registered with the carrier (the cost when up to $15 for the Voice and text plan also

The change from WiFi to cellular happens right away on the 2.0 plans. The change back happens at the next billing.

The way that the Republic Wireless Plans 2.0 is structured, plan changes don’t go into effect until your next bill cycle date, unless you are upgrading from the $5 plan. When you upgrade from the $5 plan to the Base Plan the change will take effect immediately. I

which is why I said the change back is instant

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