Is Your Child Ready for Their First Smartphone? Republic Wireless & HowDoesShe

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We’ve partnered with HowDoesShe to discuss the topic some parents may be avoiding – your child’s first smartphone. There can be a lot that goes into this decision, understandably so. As a parent, you have to consider cost, responsibility, usage, etc! We’re here to help you not only make sense of it all, but save money in the process. Hear from HowDoesShe below & why they chose Republic Wireless as their provider when making this decision. “I need a way to be able to contact them. I could start my daughter out with unlimited talk & texting for only $15/month.”…

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My son is eleven. He’s on his third smartphone. The way he and his friends use it for communication is much different than my wife and I. They’re more likely to talk and message over apps that don’t require the publicly switched telephone network. All they require is a data connection. During the time of COVID, the smartphone and computer have been invaluable for keeping the kids in touch with one another.

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