Is Your Samsung Phone Using More Cell Data Than You Expected?


If so, there’s a setting unique to Samsung phones that may explain the experience. Depending on which version of Android your Samsung phone is running, it’s referred to as either Smart network switch (Android 7 Nougat) or Switch to mobile data (Android 8 Oreo).

Samsung intends this setting to be a feature. It’s designed to automatically switch to cell data when the WiFi connection one’s phone is connected to is too weak to maintain a stable Internet connection. Please note this has nothing to do with the Republic app’s managing the use of WiFi vs. cell for calls and text messages. The Republic app is unique to Republic’s service. The Republic app does not manage one’s data connection. Like any other smartphone, managing one’s data connection on a Republic phone is the domain of the operating system (Android).

As cell data purchased from Republic is metered, this setting, while well intended on Samsung’s part, can lead to inadvertent use of cell data. Here’s how to locate and, if necessary, turn Samsung’s well intended feature off:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Connections.
  3. Tap WiFi.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Toggle Smart network switch or Switch to mobile data (whichever you see) off.

Your phone will still switch to cell for data (presuming one has purchased cell data for Internet use as part of their plan) in the absence of WiFi but will do so far less aggressively.


there is also another cell data eating setting on the Samsung called Download booster
it’s limited to the S series

Open Settings
Tap Connections
Tap More connection settings (at the bottom swipe down…)
Toggle Download booster to off if on