Issue adding data to an account

I want to add one time purchase of 1 GB of data to my sons phone. He is on a trip and has his phone with him. He currently has a 0 data plan. Was hoping I could do this via home computer on the RW website but now having any luck. When attempting to add data to his phone via the RW app on my phone I get an error message. He is not near wifi at the moment but I am.

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Hi @stevenr.hgyg0n,

It may or may not be possible to add data to your son’s phone using a computer or from your phone as it depends on which phone your son has. May we know that?

In any event, if willing to trust him with your account credentials, he should be able to add more cell data even if not near WiFi. The Republic app on his phone will allow him to do so even if he’s otherwise unable to access the Internet because he’s away from WiFi. Please here: How To Change My Plan.

Hi @stevenr.hgyg0n,

I also see there seems to be maintenance going on this morning that might be impacting the ability to add data to your son’s phone. You may follow that here: Republic Wireless Status.

Good morning, @stevenr.hgyg0n,

We experienced an outage to our online orders early this morning which has now been resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. I’ll be glad to add one GB of data to your son’s line for you (on the house), and will DM you to get some details. Please look for a message from me in your Community inbox at in just a moment.

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