Issue connecting to WiFi via splash page


What phone do you have?
Moto E4

What plan are you on?
My choice + 1gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Some businesses let me connect directly to their WiFi with a password. Other businesses take me to a splash page first, where I click a button to connect (motels, Barnes and Noble, for example).

24 hour fitness used to have the first method, but switched to a splash page recently. When I click to connect, my phone attempts to, but fails. This is the only business I’ve encountered where I can’t connect from their web page.

Question: is their process broken and I just have to accept that, or is there a way for me to reconfigure my phone or wireless to work with their network?


Hi @danielg,

Since it sounds like you’re being presented with the splash page where one would agree to terms and conditions, this doesn’t sound like a phone issue. I suggest asking the folks at 24 hour fitness for help in connecting to their network.


Thanks. I tried that. The young worker bees are friendly but totally clueless about IT and wifi, and it seems like no one else has this issue, so the response is a shrug. :man_shrugging:


That’s not very helpful of them. At what point in the process does it fail? Is the WiFi fan full or empty?

If it appears to be full, but you can’t get anywhere I would try opening the Chrome browser and going to a page you’ve never visited or trying to connect to in the address bar.

If it’s empty, it’s not even getting to the splash page part and there is a different issue.

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Hi @danielg,

Have you been able to resolve this issue? Did @theresar’s suggestions help?


Unfortunately, no. I’m just going to accept the situation.

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