Issue importing calendar entries via text message, & calendar setup in general


I just got my new Moto E4 Plus phone and am having issues receiving calendar entries via text message. I just switched over from a Samsung Galaxy SIII and used to be able to receive calendar entries via text message and import them in to my calendar. I don’t seem to be able to receive calendar entries anymore. I’ve checked my settings a million times now and all seems to be setup OK, and can receive other multi-media messages via text. Anyone have any advice?

Also having issues with my calendar in general in that no events are showing up in my Google calendar on my new phone even though I can see all calendar entries in Google calendar on my old phone. I’ll take tips for this issue too if anyone has them.

Thanks in advance!


Not sure about the first part of your thread. But for the second part about your old phones Google calendar entries not transferring…

On your old phone:

  • Open Settings
  • Select “Accounts”
  • Select “Google”
  • Tap on your gmail address
  • Make sure the slider for your Calendar is slid to the on position
  • Select the “:” looking icon in upper right corner and do a “Sync now”

Then on your new phone, repeat the steps, and did your calendar entries come over? (Not sure but the calendar setting on the new phone might help your first issue as well)


Thank you for the tip but unfortunately that didn’t fix it.

It seems to be that the google calendar on my old phone is pulling in entries from my Samsung calendar that are associated with my yahoo account and my gmail account but yet the google calendar on my new phone only has entries associated with my gmail account, so it seems like that’s the issue (but what do I know?!). This is so frustrating!


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