Issue with a floating icon


I am new to Moto G5 Play and have a floating icon that is grey and white and looks like the native message app… It was something I downloaded but now I cannot find how to install. Holding down the icon does not bring up an uninstall. And I do not remember what the app is called. Is there a way to post a screen shot here?

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hold the power button and vol down, both for 3 seconds till you hear the click of the camera
(it takes me a number of times to get it, always seem to press one and then the other, and get to watch the vol go all the way up. but I keep trying and soon or later get it…)

once you get the screen show you can use the icon at the top of the message your typing in to upload
it is the 7th from the left, looks like a line with an up arrow setting on it…,6720,10165


So take little icon just floats around and if I press any icon on the home screen this one is there


Android Messages is the app I installed…found it in my downloaded apps. But I am still unable to find where to uninstall.


looks like

but also looks like a lot of the message apps,

can you go into the play store on the phone, tap 3 lines upper left, then my apps and games
see if there is a messages update, I know they sent one out today… if so update it…


yes there was an update there and I installed it. IS this where that icon came from? There is still a floating icon…


if you wish to uninstall it you can do so in the google play store…
for most moto it part of the stock android…


when you press and hold does an options up at the top of the screen come up that sais
if so just slide it to the remove spot on the screen and it should go away, still will be in your setting/apps (the one that looks like a button at the bottom)


Ok if I press and hold the recorder

come up like in the lower right corner of the screenshot


Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

Android Messages is a good app to use for text messages, so you may not want to uninstall it. Usually when an app allows a floating icon like that, there’s a setting to disable it. I’m not seeing such a setting in Android Messages. When you give that icon a quick tap instead of holding it down, what app opens?


what is being recorded?
video, voice, what… I don’t have a g5 so don’t know if this is something new on the g5


If I double tap that icon it goes down ti the lower right where the recorder button is. If I push on the recorder button there it opens the recorder.
The app is redundant to google voice… I have arthritis in my hands to I use google voice to text rather than type. I am on a PC and not my phone. right now.
So this is what the update was I installed a little while ago?
Any app I open on my phone that floating icon is there! Annoying!


got it
in setting
select to speak
turn it off


OMGosh! Thank you, thank you! TheDoctor
I was just so annoying but it is off now!


Where can I rate your help?


sorry I don’t get rating :slight_smile:


Bonnie, this is a community of fellow users that help each other just out of the goodness of their hearts. There really isn’t the concept of “rating”. You can show your appreciation for The Doctor’s help in a couple of ways:

  1. “Like” his post by clicking the little heart under it.
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louisdi I have not been to the community forum in years and it has changed a lot ! I didn’t mean to insult anyone. I have only had my moto G5 Plus for less than a week and it was a very steep learning curve from Moto x 2nd gen. I am very tech challenged older person with short term memory problems.
I, for one am grateful for those who unselfishly offer their help.
Kudos to all of you that help others.

* Kudo & Win! *

@bonnieh.71i8en Please, no apologies necessary. If my comments somehow came off as defensive or otherwise offended, it is I that owes YOU an apology. My intent was simply to give you a little more info on the community and the ways you can say “thanks!”. :slight_smile:


louisdi No offense taken!