Issue with cell data


Nexus 5x
2gb talk text and data

My phone keeps dropping cellular service. Issue started on 14 nov 17. Cell service was not functioning approx 90% of the time and this also caused me to lose texting capability. I tried restarting the phone several times as well as verifying the cell service is turned on. Sometimes I will get the small “x” over the cell service, other times it will appear that I have full coverage but I’m still not getting cell data. This issue makes my phone practically unusable when I’m off Wifi.

Today I tried turning off the 4g and now I am able to use data but only over 3g. This area has always had great 4g coverage so I don’t understand what has changed. Is their a problem with the T-Mobile or sprint towers here in el pass?

I submitted a help ticket yesterday morning but have not heard anything back from RW.

Any help is appreciated.


Please post your ticket number in this format (1234567) to override the number filter of the forums.




Thanks! I have requested support to take a look at your ticket, you should have a response back from them soon.


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