Issue with inbound WiFi calls on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL


We are aware of an issue with inbound calls over WiFi on the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. We’ve posted a new Help Center article with more information and a workaround.

We’re currently working on testing a fix for this issue as part of a new Republic Wireless App Update.

Pixel 2: Inbound WiFi Calls No Audio/Disconnect



Hi, I just ordered a pixel 2 xl. Is there any update on this issue? When will testing be completed?



Hi @donaldd.3vx9hi,

We have a fix for the issue in our 3.15.2 version of our Republic Wireless app, which is currently rolling out very slowly and being tested by members who have experienced the issue. We anticipate (if all goes well) that the app will be rolled out and available to our entire base by Wednesday of this week. Please keep in mind that one purpose of a slow roll-out is to be able to halt delivery of the app should any issues arise.

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Excellent, thank you


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How do I become a member that tests this fix? I have the issue and it’s been inconvenient.



Hi @mattb.6c3kyj,

Do you currently have a support ticket on the matter?
Never mind! I see that you have a ticket and that someone is working to get the information you need to you, now.

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@southpaw, I do and I received a PDF describing the process of installing an unknown app, but it said to download the app from a link that wasn’t included. I’ve responded to the ticket but I’m reaching out to multiple channels because I submitted a ticket this Friday and had to do my own root cause analysis between then and this morning and I’d just really like to fix this tonight before the work week.



We’ll get the missing file to you in a few minutes. I apologize for the exclusion when the PDF was sent.

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Sounds good @southpaw, I appreciate the help.

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I have a original pixel XL with the 8.1 beta update. I too am having issues with incoming calls over wifi. I get 3 loud beeps and the call drops. If I call back it works. Just an incoming call problem. Could I please get the beta version to see if it fixes my issue as well?



Hi @l33tlinuxh4x0r,

It should be available to everyone sometime tomorrow, but if you have a ticket on the matter, please reply there asking if you could be allowed to test the version of the RW app with the fix for this issue.

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@l33tlinuxh4x0r - Were you able to install the update today?

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Yes I received the update.



Great! Did it solve the issue on the developer build?



I just received a call over wifi without issues. I need to get more calls to be sure but so far so good.



@southpaw I am still experiencing this issue. I just got my Pixel 2 about 2 weeks ago. I checked and I do have version 3.15.2. I am also on a call right now and the audio is stuck on speaker even when I hit the speaker button over and over it doesn’t change. Please advise. Thanks.



Hi @davidcadyjr,

Just to be clear, are these the exact symptoms of the issue you are experiencing?

  • Inbound calls when connected to WiFi may experience no audio on one or both sides of the call
  • The inbound caller will be disconnected and redirected to voicemail
  • The call will disconnect on the pixel-side after approximately 45 seconds
  • Outbound calls over WiFi are unaffected
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Hi @southpaw. The only thing I can’t attest to is the 45 second thing. I haven’t let the calls go that long so see if it disconnects. The other thing that happens is that the audio for the calls only comes through like it is on speaker. The sound isn’t coming through the earpiece. But all other symptoms are happening.



I think this one will be best handled by a support ticket. Our technicians will want to determine whether this is the same issue.

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