Issue with quality of voice call


I have a MotoG5+. CDMA. Sometimes conversations break up and sounds like a synthesizer is playing, on my end of the conversation. This happens when I am on WIFI and cell. Very frustrating. I just purchased this phone this spring, because my MOTOG4 went wacko. Hope this one isn’t headed in that direction.
Please advise.
Thank you


As you have stated it happens on either WiFi or Cell that rules out quite a few of the usual problems.

  • To add to what you have already done could you boot up in Safe Mode to help eliminate any 3rd party apps that could be interferring?


Thank you. Ok, so I am in Safe Mode. Now what? It isn’t always glitchy, just sometimes.


I would run that way until you have an occurance of the glitchy voice, or are satisfied that it no longer is a problem.

  • If it doesn’t come back while in Safe Mode, then you would go into Google Play Store/:menu: / My apps & games/ Installed Tab. Sort by Last updated and look for apps or updates that are dated about the time the problem started … then start Uninstalling Apps


So far, so good for several hours". Will follow your advice & hope for the best. One question, tho… You think it would be the same if I uninstalled an app & re installed it? I really don’t have many apps on my phone, that I installed.

Again. Thank you so much.

Now lI just have to search to see how safe mode affects my phone, lol. I CAN do that. Had to look up how to go to save mode…hehe


Safe Mode essentially allows an Android to boot up without loading any of the 3rd party apps. Often Apps can interact in unexpected ways depending on other apps that may be running and utilizing many of the same computer resources (it is impossible to test for all possible combination of apps that we as users may have as this is in the millions). Watch it for awhile and keep us posted.


Ahhhhh…well, again my thanks.

Will wait, watch & see.


Still breaks up even on Safe Mode. I’m over Motorola phones! It’s very frustrating, especially when it is an important phone call.


Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

Would you please open a ticket on this matter and let me know the ticket number just as soon as you do so. I think I see what the problem may be, and it will require staff assistance to solve.


This is embarrassing, but I cannot get my help ticket to “submit.” I’ve checked the * boxes, and the only one I didn’t respond to was, “tell us what you are experiencing during call,” but there is not a “box” for my response & I can’t get it to accept an answer. ugh kinda funny, but not really


I’m sorry, @jeanb.01d11j, It’s probably not anything you are doing wrong. I will submit a ticket on your behalf, and assign to an agent who has been looking at reports like yours. He’ll be in later today, so please don’t expect a response right away.


Thanks, so much, southpaw. I was beginning to feel a little paranoid. hehehe

BTW, I’ve never had to open a Help Ticket before. You guys have always solved my problems. I appreciate all you all do.


I had the same issue trying to submit a ticket on the website. It won’t submit.
Was able to via the app on phone.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah and @jeanb.01d11j,

When you had trouble submitting the help ticket, do you know whether you started from the Help Center or the Account Portal?

(Help Center is at Republic Help and Account Portal is at Tickets | Republic Wireless)


Account Portal…Help Tickets… Create a Republic Ticket


Thank you.


Pretty sure I went through Account Portal…Republic Wireless


Thank you for the info, but southpaw had told me she could submit for me. I was on the computer, too.


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