Issues After Encryption Moto G3


What phone do you have?
Moto G3 (XT1548)
What plan are you on?
Republic Refund 0.5GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes Includes Data

Issue Description

I had to Encrypt my phone to meet my employer’s policy for enabling Email on my phone. Since doing this I have had many problems. The phone has been very slow at times, and I have had the System Crash and reboot. Last night I had that happen 2 times in under 10 minutes.

I have also done a factory reset, re-encrypted the phone, and still am having issues with the slowness and Crashing.

Does anyone have any suggestions on items to do to resolve this or does this phone just not support it well?

Does anyone have any experience with the new phones for sale and which ones work well after encrypting the phone?


You might try booting the G3 into Safe Mode – Republic Help, to rule out any 3rd party app contention.


Have you done a web search? My quick one turned up some others seeing a similar issue. You may find a solution but seems the phone may work harder to encrypt? Here’s a link to one result.



The slowness may be from the fact that an encrypted phone work harder to do the same task and with only 1 GB RAM on the Republic version and it’s age [a 2015 phone in 2018] this phone may not be up to the task


drm186, Is there a republic phone that you would recommend from the current republic phones? I’m looking for one that will be good for average games (i.e. MineCraft w/ kids) and can handle the stress that multitasking/Facebook/Corporate Email/Bluetooth Calls/Music while being fully encrypted?


Thanks to all who replied… sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I have remove almost all games, Facebook, and the phone is running better, but still bad at times. I had one call come in and the screen wouldn’t switch from whatever I was doing to the call answer screen in time to take the call.

I have googled for ideas to resolve, but nothing had really made a difference. I was hoping someone would be able to provide a magical solution.


Of the current phones I would recommend the Moto G5S Plus [the 64 GB will have more RAM than the 32 GB version], the Moto X4
These are both consider a midline phone and are still in production.
If looking for a cheaper option the current Moto E4 and E4 Plus are good budget phones [along with the Samsung Galaxy J7 and J3]


Are you referring to the G5S+ or the G5+. It looks like the G5S+ is only offered in 32GB? I’ve been really thinking about the G5+ and the 4 GB RAM. Thoughts?

Here’s what I have been thinking… I do a factory reset on the Moto G3 and give it to my wife to replace her Moto E2. Ths G3 is only about 1 year old and worked well before encryption. I would then purchase the G5 Plus for myself. How would I go about accomplishing that? Is it as simple as just SIM Card swaps or is the process more complex?

Also, with the G5 Plus (or even the G5S Plus) … what network will that run on? Is see in the Specs it’s listed as both GSM and CDMA…how does it pick which to use?


The G5S Plus also has a 64GB sold by Motorola, just not by Republic] website and this version does up he RAM and is still usable as a BYOD option


@drm186 Will that phone work in area code 54313? I see the message in the coverage map that BOYD isn’t supported. “Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.”


I can see why the concern on BYOD in Green bay WI, it looks like that zip is on the border of the GSM partner (T-Mobile) Native and Roaming,
although all BYODs need to activate on the GSM Partner network 1st, most phones with CDMA radios also (like the Moto G line) a support ticket can have Republic analyze your coverage and if they that you be better served with CDMA then they will send out a CDMA SIM for it


What map did you look at to see that Green Bay is on the edge?


I use both the carrier partners maps and Republic version of them


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