Issues experienced with the Moto E4


The e4 is a paperweight.The camera is junk and i mean terrible.There is no missed call,msg flashing light.Sometimes the screen saver works,plenty of times the phone screen just stays on,draining your battery.Often i get new msgs that show up that were actually sent to me many days before.The moto e,its predecessor,is a much better phone that actually works smoothly and has a much better camera.
Rw’s customer service refused to exchange the phone or make the situation right.

Is there a waiting period before I can switch to a different carrier

Hi @davidfp.h0bcry,

I’m moving your post to a new thread, since it is off-topic and the original author of the thread where you posted may not wish to see all the replies that may come.

Some of the issues you’ve described sound like software issues - app conflicts or settings - rather than device failures. Would you like our Community to troubleshoot with you?

We have a 14-day return policy, and Motorola offers a 1-year warranty. Did you ask to return it during the first 14 days? if not, have you pursued warranty replacement with Motorola?