Issues logging in the Republic Anywhere app with MacBook

Now that the service is live, I updated my Republic app on my Moto X Pure. I try to login on the Republic Anywhere app (version 1.0.1 b5cf7) on my MacBook (running OSX 10.12.5) and I only see 3 of 5 lines on my account, and mine is one that I cannot see.

Anyone else having this issue? Resolution, maybe?

Just to make sure, do you have any of your phones assigned to other people with different emails? It may or may not be the case but it could be one item to double check.

The FAQ has a line about multiple lines.

That’s what I just made sure of. No, I do not have any of the lines associated to a different user. Also, a couple of the lines that do show don’t even have the Anywhere app installed yet so that may not even be a factor.

It looks like 2 of those lines are assigned to other users/emails. One is a domain and the other is an domain.

I’d suggest signing into your My Account portal and double check which lines are assigned to whom.


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