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Moto g6 play
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My choice 1GB
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Issue Description

I have a couple of issues and wondered if anybody else with a G6 play was having anything similar. First, my phone is only a couple of months old, and some of these issues have been present since I bought it. The main thing I notice is that the screen flickers, almost like it is ready to give out. And sometimes I think it is. It will then steady itself and never does fully give out but I am always worried it will. Also, compared to all other phones I have owned, in the same areas I have always been in, this phone will barely find a cell signal. Rarely. In areas where I always had cell service and everybody around me does (all also on republic with various phones because I got my whole family to come over :grin:) I am the only one with no service. And when I do have service, good luck trying to make a phone call. It’s best for me to wait until I am connected to WiFi to make a phone call because my success rate is better. And I cannot purchase data using the republic app still. I had actually opened a help ticket any this before and followed the directions given. At the time I didn’t know it didn’t work because I found if I went to the website I was able to purchase, so I didn’t need to try it then. Well I had recently tried and could not purchase from app even after doing what I wanted instructed. No big deal, except if I have no data and no WiFi signal I won’t be able to access the website that’s all. Anyway, I just wanted to see if these are any kind of issues that can be corrected. It’s mostly the screen almost giving out and bad connection to try to get cell service that bother me. Thank you

I’m sure people will come along and tackle each part of this, but I’m going to stick to the part where I have some expertise.

Let’s talk about the cell signal. Can you share what model phone you have previously? Then, on the Moto G6 Play please open the Republic App, click the gear at the top, then About and tell us what it says there under “SIM Type”?

SIM type is GSM. Previously I had the Moto g5, Moto E4, I’ve had a couple and never had these particular issues.

My speculation is that your previous phones were CDMA configured rather than GSM. Do you have any other Republic phones in the family that have good reception? When you activated the G6 Play did you use a SIM that came from Republic or did you move a SIM from a previous phone?

Hi @kimf

Your phone has the Moto Help app installed. Please open the app, select Hardware test and then Display.

Does the Display test complete successfully?

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My kids have E4 plus and they have great reception. But, when I would but a new phone I would make sure I got the same specs because I knew what worked. But I could be wrong. I can’t be sure. And I bought my phone directly from republic so it’s all New SIM

Yes, that did complete successfully. Thank you

Can you check the same thing I had you check earlier on the kids phone? There, open the REpublic App, click the gear at the top, then About. What does it say on their phone for SIM type?

Also GSM

Thanks for checking and reporting back. The next time your screen is flickery, try to run that test again.

I’ll be honest, not the answer I expected.

Please try the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Reboot the phone in an area that has a strong cell signal. (Some people have simply needed to step outside and reboot.) If this fixes it, stop.

  2. Please ensure the data is turned on in Android Settings. Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data (some phones may say Mobile Data). If this fixes it, stop.

  3. Reset your Republic credentials by opening the dialer as if making a call and enter ##8647#*# (in on a Samsung phone hit the dial button). The screen should clear, when it does, restart the phone. If this fixes it, stop.

  4. This one is more complicated. This step will clear out any saved connections for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that you may have already made. You’re going to reset the network settings.
    Go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Network settings reset
    Read the warning, tap “Reset settings.” You will be warned a second time. Tap “Reset settings” to confirm. The process will usually take 5-10 seconds and the cellular signal bars icon will go away for a moment. Once the cell signal bars icon returns, you should reboot the phone.

Thank you

Ok. I will have to find a strong cell signal then will try this. Thank you

@kimf Were you able to resolve the issue?

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Oh I’m sorry, no. Nothing has changed. It’s still the same as always

Hi @kimf
With everything you tried I’m going to suggest a Factory Reset of the phone (back it up first ok :wink:)

While I know the Factory Reset is looked at (and rightfully so) as a last resort, I am suggesting this because the screen flicker issue is worrisome. It sounds like you are still in Warranty and I would want to rule out this is a hardware/screen issue and not software. If your screen flickers after the reset I would suggest using the Warranty.

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