Issues on a Moto X Pure, thinking about upgrading


Sure. I opened a ticket a few weeks ago, and the suggested fix worked for a while. But the biggest issues have been:

  • Charging/battery life: namely, the stock charger malfunctioning and not having any output. Even after buying a second OEM charger, I had the same problem. Now I charge it using either my PS4, charging it off my laptop, or using an old micro USB charger from an older phone. Also the battery life has tanked. My days start at 3am and end around 8 or 9pm. By the time I get off work around 1-130pm, ironically since the ticket I opened, I’m down to 10% after 8-12hrs of the phone mostly sitting in my backpack while I drive.

  • Bluetooth: this phone, more than any other device I own, has the most difficulty when connecting to BT. Wireless speakers, Android Auto/Sync, my earbuds, soundbar…it’s 50/50 on whether or not it will connect. Any other BT enabled device connects just fine. I’ve found MXP doesn’t seem to like it if I’ve been connected to other BT devices recently (i.e. streaming media through my soundbar for a few hours, disconnecting for the night, and wanting to stream thru my earbuds at the gym the next day). So if I want to change what I’m connected to, i.e. going from a wireless speaker to earbuds, I have to go through my BT connections and hit forget on some of the devices. When that’s not enough, I have to go thru the pairing process again with the phone.

  • SIM card: this was the original reason why I opened a ticket because on an almost weekly basis, my phone would randomly have the “NO SIM INSERTED” icon at the top. Frustrating and embarrassing when I can be contacted at any time and most of the time I’m too far away from any wifi to go thru the reactivation process. So I uninstall and reinstall the RW app, reset all my network settings. And it seems to be back to normal for now. But in the last 24 hours before I did what was suggested for a third time now, the NO SIM icon popped up on 6 separate occasions. I highly doubt this a RW-only issue because I have a few friends at work with this phone on other carriers who have had similar issues. It’s a good to great phone when it works.

Moto X4 Coming Soon to Republic Wireless!

Charging- If the phone charges with a charger, old or new, it would suggest there is nothing inherently wrong with the phones charging port, and that the problem is with the charger, whether it’s with the transformer or the USB jack.

Battery Life- The Li battery has an expected life of around 500 charge cycles. Long charging cycles, like from 5% to 100%, may tend to shorten the number of cycles, while shorter charging cycles, like from 30% to 70%, may tend to preserve the number of charging cycles and maybe even extend the number. If you feel that the useful like of the battery has not been depleted, you may want to take a peek at the Battery app in Settings and see if any particular app is draining more than it’s fair share of juice, which would suggest an ill-behaving app. Rebooting your phone on a daily basis may help prevent this type of battery drain. Leaving the cell radio enabled throughout the day with a weak cell signal will drain the battery, as CDMA phones will boost the cell radio’s signal to maintain contact with the tower.

Buetooth- You would think that, by now, BT technology would work better across different brands and devices. That’s not always the case. I don’t know if it is because of standards implementation or because of poorly defined standards interpreted loosely among various manufacturers. But, it’s often still an issue.

SIM issue- The problem is not with RW’s service, and I don’t think it would be related to the RW app. If anything, it is with the Mototola phone. One possible fix is to remove the SIM, clean the contacts with alcohol and reinsert the SIM without touching the contacts (which is very difficult to do with fat fingers!).

Just my observations. Better help may be on the way.


Hi @jonathanm.j7a2kv,

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Having a long history of CAC logon at my job (since about 2006), I would add that cleaning the contacts with a pencil eraser works best. And the best eraser is the grey/white ones.