Issues on a Samsung S6


Mine does the same thing too!

I have a Samsung S6. In February, I had to send my phone back to Samsung THREE TIMES to get it to work…Republic did nothing. Said it was a manufacturing problem. Samsung said it was a provider problem…it finally worked, up until now. Now, it doesn’t send or receive texts all the time, just some of the time, and it doesn’t tell you which got through or not! That’s a fun game.

I’ve looked into transferred service providers, but NONE of the other big guys are compatible with this Republic Wireless phone. I guess you get what you pay for, and this cheap service provider is pretty worthless. I’m seriously doubting everyone else on these boards saying they LOVE their Republic Wireless phone…are they even real people?



I assure you I’m quite real and I’m a satisfied Republic customer. I’m sorry you’re not sharing that experience. Presuming the Samsung Galaxy S6 you reference was purchased from Republic, it’s perfectly compatible with either AT&T’s or T-Mobile’s networks in the U.S. Either of those big guys or smaller providers using one of their networks shouldn’t have any issue activating it, however, that’s up to them.

If you’d like the Community’s help with troubleshooting, I respectfully suggest starting a separate thread with as much detail as you’re able to provide. Similar symptoms don’t necessarily mean the same issue.

If you’d prefer to work directly with staff, please consider raising a help ticket by clicking this link:



I’m a real person, and have been very happy for 5+ years. There have been some downsides, but this very knowledgeable community is a great place to troubleshoot any and all kinds of issues.







Well said. I feel your pain



Hi @myraa.prfmdu,

I’ve split your post and its replies from the unrelated topic in which it was originally located:

If you’d like any further assistance with the texting issues you are having, please do let us know. I’m very sorry to read that your experiences so far have left you doubting that we have genuinely satisfied members.


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