Issues with 1.0 Plan


Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: Moto X
**Phone Generation: First Generation
Plan: 1.0 Plan – WiFi + Cell Talk + Text Plan
Plan Option: WiFi + Cell Talk + Text Plan

  1. My phone appears to be incapable of sending or receiving cellular calls or texts. When people call me and I am not connected to WiFi, my phone does not even ring. It goes directly to voice mail, but I never receive a voice mail and no missed calls are indicated even after connecting to WiFi.

I also no longer receive a Chime when I receive text messages (WiFi or Cellular). I have checked my phones settings and the Default Notification Ringtone is set to motto and the volume is turned up.

My phone will also indicate that it is connected to WiFi. I leave the phone idle next to me. I receive no notifications or calls. I pick up the phone and unlock it and the phone behaves as if it just connected to WiFi and a flood of new notifications hit the phone.

Not sure if there is an issue with the phone itself or with the service.

All of these issues occurred with in the past few months.


Take a look at the troubleshooting steps in this document

If that doesn’t help, please submit a help ticket


I would try clearing your cache Settings -->Storage–> Cache then hit OK
Next, I would try connecting to WiFi and dialing *#*#8647#*#* and then hitting send

Here is a video tutorial;


The correct code as shown in the video and the document that is linked above is

The new community treats * as special character


I needed to put it inside preformatted text </> code


Thanks for the help. This appears to have resolved the Cellular talk and text issue. The phone still does not chime when receiving a text message. It will chime for other types of notifications.


Try uninstalling the updates in the messaging app and then re-installing them from the play store.


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