Issues with calling that started suddenly, also resolved suddenly


My phone started acting up today and had no cellular service suddenly. I tried everything, checking my data setting, wifi setting, turning off, turning back on, etc. , I was upset because I do not exceed my MB limit and I just paid my bill 3 days ago. Looking for solution, I google it and I found this forum. While I was reading this forum, I turned off my phone and took the case off to clean case out and waited for 5 minutes before turning it back on to try advices from this forum but as I turned my phone back on, suddenly, it is working just fine again and had cellular service. I don’t know, maybe it’s phone case being on disrupted antenna somehow? Anyhow, I put case back on and it’s working fine, strangely. I thought I’d share so that way you can try it.



Hi @marat.hdni2v,

I’ve moved your post to its own thread. If you could also let us know which phone and plan you have, that might help others find similarities with your experience.



I don’t remember seeing any problems of cases stopping cell service … however, often case that ‘nearly fits’ can result in the partial depress of one or more of the physical button. Maybe you just got lucky when you put the case back on, but post back if the problem returns

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