Issues with charging moto G6

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? my choice +1

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

My phone is not always charging properly. I’m using the OEM turbo charger that came with it and tried a couple different cables/wall adaptors. The charger works fine on other devices.

Once in a while at first, and more often than not now nothing happens when I plug the phone in. If i turn it off, it shows me the lightning bolt symbol showing it’s charging but the charge status is not filling and it doesn’t charge ( the circle is not even showing the charge percentage ). this tells me that the phone senses the charger but it’s just not doing what it needs to be doing.

I tried safe mode, I tried leaving plugged in overnight, i tried off, on, doesn’t seem to see any pattern. and then suddenly it does charge, and i happily take one more day of use, but wondering if i’m missing anything.

Phone is less than one year old but because glass back is broken i’m out of luck with warranty.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

Hi @keren and welcome to the Community!

It certainly sounds like you’ve ruled out an issue with the charger itself. You might try a different outlet when charging your G6. Candidly, if that doesn’t help it sounds like there’s an intermittent fault in the phone’s charging circuitry.

The other possibility is a runaway app draining power faster than the charger can keep up with. That said, safe mode, generally would tend to rule that out. There’s always the last resort of a factory reset without restoring apps and settings.

An additional shot in the dark suggestion would be to try a can of compressed air to blow out the charging port.

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Thanks rolandh, unfortunately I have ruled out the outlet and and app draining the phone. I’ll try to blow out the port and factory reset.

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Hi @keren, just checking in if you were able to get your charging issue resolved?

Thanks @amitl, I was not successful at resolving it. Faulty Circuitry seem to be the most likely explanation, but for now it still charges once in a while and this buys me a couple more days each time.
I’ll probably need to replace the phone eventually.

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