Issues with service with new phone



What phone do you have? Moto E 4 Plus
What plan are you on? 2GB Plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

I bought this new phone a month or so ago. I love the phone, but my reception is horrible. I like RW. I talked to someone a few weeks ago and they said that RW phones either use Verizon/Sprint towers or AT&T/T-Mobile towers. My phone uses AT&T/T-Mobile and I get terrible reception in my area. I am always roaming. My mother-in-law had the same problem and they sent her a new SIM card and she has been fine ever since. The problem is that I did not know this when I ordered my new phone. Verizon/Sprint do much better in my area that the other alternative. Again, it would have been nice to know this before I purchased my phone.


Typically, for CDMA compatible phones, a CDMA SIM would be an option, but the Moto E4 plus currently isn’t compatible with a CDMA SIM yet with Republic. For the time being, the phone is only a GSM phone for Republic.


Hi @matthewr.uaql2r,

I see that you have a support ticket open, and it is awaiting your reply. If you’ll reply on the ticket to let our team know you need additional help, they’ll be glad to continue the conversation. You can do so here:


you there?


Yessir! Keeping in mind this is a publicly-visible thread, what may I do for you?


This would have been nice to know before I purchased the phone.


Hi @matthewr.uaql2r,

We try to make that information available. That’s why the tech specs say that it is currently GSM-only, and we do our best to advise members during the online ordering process if the data we have available indicates coverage would not be good on a specific phone in your area.

Our support team is willing to work with you to see what we can do, facing forward, to solve this coverage situation for you. Are you able to access the ticket with the link I provided?


I would just like to get better service from my phone. AT&T/T-Mobile both
get horrible service in my area. Verizon/Sprint do much better. I don’t
want to embarrass RW or anything, I have been satisfied with my service. I
just want to know what you can do to help me. Apparently my phone doesn’t
work with the better option but I didn’t know this when I ought it. I
really like the phone and my plan.


Our support team will be glad to work with you in your ticket. Ticket Details | Republic Wireless

I can’t publicly post specifics as to how they would help, because everyone’s situation is slightly different, and if I were to post something here specific to your situation, the next person who reads it may think that solution is applies to them as well.


The website said that service would be good in my area. I was under the
impression that RW went off of Sprint towers. I didn’t have this problem
with my old phone so I just figured everything was the same. Can you
resend the link please?


Certainly: Ticket Details | Republic Wireless

Sorry for the confusion about the coverage.


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