Issues with texts and voicemail


What phone do you have? Huawei ascend 5
What plan are you on? The latest
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

I switched from the defy (2nd generation) to this phone when I broke it. It may have switched me over to the new (latest) plan too, but not sure what he issue really is. I can barely get my texts. The only time it usually works is when on wifi. And voicemail is spotty at best and most of the time I only get it when on wifi but even then it hangs up on me when I put my password in. Also the data is terrible. I can’t usually use the gps off WiFi. I’m about to get rid of it, which is sad because I love republic and have been with them for years but I missed calls from my kids school and from customers and I need a reliable phone. Don’t know if it’s the new plan, 3g vs 4g, data, or what but it is just not working for me anymore.


Hi @nathant.wcst72!

Did you check coverage around your area? You can check it here: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless . Let us know what it says. The new My Choice plans can either use TMobile or Sprint towers. Republics coverage checked can determine which carrier’s network will work better, but, occasionally, it will be wrong.



True, however, the Ascend 5W is a GSM only phone. There is no possibility of using Sprint with an Ascend.


Hi @nathant.wcst72,

If you bought the Ascend from the Republic Wireless online store, please open a support ticket and let them know that you are experiencing these coverage woes that you did not experience on your previous phone. We’d like an opportunity to try to do what we can to make the situation better.


Thanks! I think my oh is the problem. If it can only use T mobile then that’s not good as that network is terrible in my area. That makes sense. I opened a ticket.

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