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US Bank has started requiring phone verification for access to the mobile app. Whenever I try to log in, it requests my cell, but then says that it cannot verify my number because it’s not a mobile number. I called the bank and they’ve opened a case to try and get it fixed, but I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. They recommended that I reach out to see if this has been a common problem.

Yes. US Bank does not accept VOIP based numbers.
My mother has had the same issue for months.
There are a few threads already discussing this.
Nothing can be done except complain to US Bank about their set policy or change banks.

Unfortunately US Bank is one of the only banks on the planet that doesn’t provide an alternative to the text based authentication, which they refuse to send to Republic numbers. There’s some detail here: Alternative Bank Authentication Methods

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Thanks. At least the app isn’t the only way to log in to my account. It’s just a massive pain.

My “workaround” for this, is to enter in a family members (or close friends) mobile number (my folks are on post paid VZW) and get the code texted to them, put that into the app, and it logged in fine with no issue. It has not come up again. Not sure how long until it requires the mobile number verification again. It has been a couple weeks and it has not asked again.

Just recently US Bank has told me they are working on a fix for this. Keep up the pressure complaining to US Bank and maybe it will happen faster.


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