It has changed too much i think


I am so bummed that i broke my Moto X 2nd gen phone because when i replaced it i lost the phone plan i had which was talk text & 3G. That was a great plan for me but now i spend an extra $5 per month get 3GB per month less, not counting the 2 x 5 GB if i ever ran over. To have that $25 plan on my MOTO X4 would cost me an additional $35 per month, not counting going over and getting the extra 10 GB per year if needed. I always stayed on WIFI whenever possible, but the IT guy at my job became this evil internet dude that blocked everything possible so no one used “his pipeline” so working 160+ hours a week i used my phone. I always tried to download podcast and music but I wasn’t always the best for planning so it took MB & GB to keep the music going all those long days. A lot of times I would have to watch what i did that last week because where i was was not all peace love and free wifi.

Now with this CRAP plan I have i only get 2GB of data and i am not the kind of guy who wants to pay attention to every MB of data that flows, because my life has way too many more interesting things going on. I am in the habit of turning off wifi if i am checking my online banking or doing something else I dont want someone snooping on. Naturally after that i dont always remember to turn the wifi back on(see the more interesting things previous sentence) and in the time it takes to do dinner, eat and dishes 70% of my data…gone. THIS PLAN SUCKS i want my old one back. If i was to count MB i just found out for all that pain in the a$$ NO REFUNDS. Republic used to be a good place to be but now its just like all the other cell phone carriers, a service reduction money making machine. Sure they make you feel all warm and fuzzy with this community thing but really why was it created?? To teach you how to reduce your cell usage, be a responsible wifi user blah, blah, blah, your payment is due on the first. I mean come on, how many other companies have been successful in getting their paying customers to spend their own time helping other paying customers?? Just so they can gain a phony title of master helper or something. I am sorry but see prior paragraph, more interesting things to do with my time than to provide a for profit company with free tech support help…thats freaking crazy isnt it? Do you do customer support for your utility company? Credit card company? Why would you do it for your cell carrier??
Guess what im saying is republic has changed from a small wanna make you feel good company with kick a$$ phone plans to a typical money grubbing cellular provider like the rest. Everything that ever was good with their plans is gone…they are now just competitive. That sucks because I used to like the old republic, but they dont seem to care about my business anymore so unfortunately it is time to start shopping the whole competitive market again. I haven’t had to do this since i bought my state of the art defy xt many years ago. I need to find an unlimited plan too because after republic, I am not worrying anymore about how much data i use and being called a bad user because i use cellular data at will. Ride was fun republic but all good things must end. Im sorry you ended it


Republic was never designed for high data users. The old plans were based on “trusting” users that they would minimize data usage. That didn’t happen making the plans unsustainable. Republic is a business. They make money or they shut down. As far as I know there are no cell phone companies that are charities.

As far as comparing to the Refund plans, the data on the refund plans was $15/GB. On the new plans is it $7.50/GB. Based on what you’re saying you’d be paying a lot more on the refund plans, not the other way around.

Here’s the great things about the free market. You can find another provider that provides what you want and for those that Republic provides what they want, then great.


Verizon recently booted quite a few of their customers because they were using too much data on their “unlimited” plan.


In my opinon, the term “unlimited data” is a marketing gimmick. If people don’t know what their actual average monthly cellular data usage is, they have no clue whether or not “unlimited” cellular data is even necessary.


The one thing you can surely count on in life is change. That includes cell phones and service. Some people would say to be happy you got to enjoy the best plan on the planet for the length of time you did. But, one way or another, you would eventually have to move on from the 2.0 plan. If you want a legacy phone to stay on the legacy plan, they are available if you look. If you want to discuss the legacy X2 sitting on the shelf next to me, message me privately.


My wife and I are not big data users, but we use some for maps, messages and the like. For us, the RW version 3 plan works fine. We liked the refund plan, but a few dollars more is still a value to us. In the shopping I have done, I just don’t see a better deal at our usage level. Add to that the new “walkie-talkie” product and certainly for us, the upcoming “SmartSpeaker” (oh how I wish I could be an early tester on that one) are really exciting new products.

We are doing business with a cutting edge company that is putting serious competition into the cell market. Although I also like their “small company” feel when I have a problem or something.


What is the difference between having an employee of the “smart speaker” company sit in your living room and listen to every word you say, or having their smart speaker do the same? If the employee put a box on his/her head with their ears sticking out, would that make them more innocuous (harmless).

It blows my mind that people are so willing to give up their personal, private conversations to anyone with a clever new electronic device without even considering (or, completely blind to) the long term implications.

During the Revolutionary War, citizens of the Colonies were outraged that the British army would station British soldiers inside their homes. But, now, big corporations are actually being paid to station one of their harmless looking little soldiers (smart speakers) in people’s homes, without a second thought.

It is truly mind boggling, to me.