It might be time for a new phone

So, I saw today that Republic is discounting the Galaxy S7 pretty significantly. it is almost enough to entice me to replace my 1st gen Moto X1. The S7 is still large compared to the the X1, but of all the top-level phones it is the smallest I think. But I’ve heard that the Samsung phones have the intrusive TouchWiz issue.

The other thing to think about is that I have to assume that the discount is because some newer phones are due to arrive soon. Galaxy S8 I suppose.

Does anyone have an insight into upcoming choices? Here’s what I’d love to see:

  1. Small form-factor
  2. Clean Android
  3. High-end performance and large memory capacity
  4. Sprint (i.e. CDMA) support (Sprint works better where I live).

For those of you using Galaxy phones, do you find the TouchWiz enhancements an issue?

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Hi @jimk

Cannot answer the Touch-Wiz question, but since we are speculating, there’s this…

…just say’in. :grinning:


Well. I had not heard about a resurrected X! Thanks!

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  1. Small form-factor
    **I wouldn’t count on it. The trend is to ever larger.

  2. Clean Android
    **The Pixel 2 and some new Moto devices will likely come to Republic.

  3. High-end performance and large memory capacity
    **I’m sure. Likely the Pixel 2 and S8 at least.

  4. Sprint (i.e. CDMA) support (Sprint works better where I live).
    **Most phones will work on Sprint. There are few GSM only phones. Samsung S6, Alcatel A30, Samsung J3, Moto Z series, Huawei Ascend


Hi @jimk!

Republic does not publicly disclose phones that are currently in the works. This is due, in part, becuase the device may or may not ever make it past testing. Stay tuned to the community for future announcements!


I have an S7 Edge, don’t understand what you mean by TouchWiz being intrusive.

Since the phone updated to Android 7, the UI changed a lot and to me, is more like Moto Pure UI. The tiles are gone from Quick Launch, which I personally found handy. Edge lights still work but no longer customizable. Edge panel can be turned off, if that is what you’re referring to.

Hi @mb2x,

Thanks for the reply.

I wasn’t really expecting anyone to know what RW’s future plans are. I think I’ve been leaning toward the S7 because it isn’t too terribly ginormous. However, I’m skeptical about the Samsung UI overlay and that it’s getting later in it’s lifecycle. So, I was kind of thinking out loud wondering if anyone knew of an upcoming smaller, pure Android phone on the horizon. Or whether anyone who has used a Samsung phone has opinions about the software.

@louisdi mentioned the Pixel 2, but I’ve read that’s likely to be big. And the S8 still has TouchWiz.

Maybe we should go back to the days when there was just one or two phones to choose from!! :slight_smile:

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Hahaha! Decisions, decisions…


I will freely admit, that I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to TouchWiz. I’ve never had a Samsung phone, and the internet is filled with people who either love 'em or hate 'em. Many posts talk about it being laggy, bloated, and intrusive. But it’s tough to sort out articles about older versions and newer versions.

Since the people on this forum are much more trustworthy than the internet-at-large I thought I’d ask about what you all thought.

I will have to agree with you there is a lot of bloatware by Samsung. I used to be able to disable these apps using Debloater, but since the upgrade to Android 7 I’m prevented from doing so.

S7 Edge is a little smaller than Moto Pure, but it’s lighter too. Moto Pure is a heavy weight of a phone.

Here are the two together:

Just noticed you can see my crazy hair in the reflections! :scream:


Hehe. Now that’s some crazy @littletoucan hair!

Thanks for the picture. Big difference in size. I was thinking that the S7 Edge was a big phone!


Don’t forget the Huawei Ascend!

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In actual use I don’t find the screen to the S7 Edge to be much smaller, it’s thinner for sure. Regular S7 is wider than the Edge.

Samsung phones come with a bunch of sensors, which I’ve found useful. I do like both Moto Pure and S7 Edge, the perfect phone for me would be a merging of the two.

Just to add, if you have any hearing issues, Samsung is louder. I personally have to strain to hear callers using Moto Pure. They seem to care about not blowing out peoples tympanic membranes. No straining with Samsung phone.

What do you mean that the Regular S7 is wider than the edge?

I would surely benefit from having a louder phone! That’s a significant feature.

For some reason I thought they were wider, wrong again!

You can still disable the bloat, you have to pay a couple of bucks though.

Hey @jimk- I’m in the exact same sitch as you. . . I have a Moto X1 and I’ve been really resistant to letting it go because of the small size and Active Display, but it’s slowly dying and I’ve been looking into alternatives in the last month or two. I’ve really wanted to stay with Moto just for the Active Display, but they’re pretty dead-set on 5.5" phones and that’s a non-starter for me. The best small-form-factor (if you don’t need the latest and greatest) actually seems to be the iPhone SE. . . I have an iPhone 5S for work so I’ve used something the same size a lot and it’s really nice to have such a small phone, but really don’t want to switch to the Apple ecosystem or leave Republic. . . sooo it’s down to the Pixel and (eventually, with RW) the Galaxy S8. I’ve gone to the Verizon store and held both phones and both are equally comfortable to use. From a form standpoint the skinny, tall S8 (actually a little narrower than the Pixel and the S7) is surprisingly easy to hold. I’ve read a couple reviews that praise the wall-to-wall screen and barely-there bezel on the top and bottom. I have to say I kinda like the large “chin” on the Pixel which makes it a little easier to handle with out accidentally hitting the touchscreen which is kind of a pet peeve for me. Performance-wise, the reviews I’ve read basically say that the Galaxy S8 is the go-to for latest-and-greatest, but that, even though it’s a bit more utilitarian with it’s vanilla/clean Android interface, the Pixel runs more smoothly and has the benefit of Google’s promise to roll out Android updates ASAP whereas you’ll probably have to wait 3-6 months for Samsung to update their phones. I’ll probably end up buying an unlocked Pixel for a couple hundred less than the S8 and doing the BYOP with Republic’s GSM network.

I hope that wasn’t too long-winded! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the not-so-long-winded response! I too would quickly choose the iPhone SE for it’s size if Republic were able to support it. The Apple ecosystem is pretty good in my opinion. I have had iPhones and still have an iPad and actually really like them. My hands are fairly large, so holding a big phone is not really an issue for me. It’s storing it in my pocket that is the rub (pun intended!).

I totally get your pet-peeve about all-screen phones having no place to hold them! Who thinks of these designs?! Oh wait, I know. It goes like this:

Engineering: We should make a really functional phone that fits in your pocket and has a place to hold it.
Marketing: We should make a really cool phone that’s big and is all screen!
Law Dept: We should make sure they have to agree to crazy rules, because we can.
Government: We should keep antiquated laws that no longer apply to current tech (think land-line rules!)
etc. etc. !! Hahaha! :grinning:

Anyway, I digress. It seems to me that the price of the S8 is just too high for a phone. So, I’m leaning toward the S7 or possibly the Pixel for the same reasons you mentioned (but it’s still pretty high-priced).

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