It seems my coverage has changed, or?


When I checked coverage by Republic last time, it only showed me CDMA phones. Today it is showing me all phones, and says that I can bring my own phone to Republic for the first time. This may mean:

  1. The GSM coverage in my area has gotten better?

  2. CDMA has come to BYOP.

  3. Both.

By the way, my zip code is 95060.

Enough acronyms smile?

Can someone please tell me what’s changed since I last checked my coverage? Unfortunately, the coverage tool doesn’t tell me whether the coverage that it sees is GSM or CDMA (or both), as far as I can see.



Most likely it’s number 1 on your list
if BYOD and all phones are listed then GSM is a now an option (at least according to the coverage checker, (though depending con coverage CDMA may still be preferred network)

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Hi @mr_doh,

It isn’t 2, so it would have to be 1. Looking at the GSM network partner’s map directly, coverage in and around Santa Cruz itself looks good. One need not travel too far to the northwest for that to change. Davenport looks to be limited to native 2G coverage. Bonny Doon shows no coverage at all.


Interesting. Last time I was able to look, we had virtually no GSM coverage at my house, and it was spotty throughout our locale. On the other hand, CDMA worked just about everywhere. I do have an iPad that has the GSM partner 200MB of free data a month deal, forgot about that. So I can check out that coverage around here. Maybe things have changed, I certainly hope so.

Anyways, sort of what I thought, too, but I was actually hoping that CDMA had arrived for BYOP, it’s been a while since the CDMA partner was added. Oh well, patience furthers smile.

Update: iPad still says “No Service” for GSM here at home. So it goes…


Even though direct CDMA activations haven’t come to BYOP… it is possible to switch to CDMA coverage once you have activated your phone on GSM. See here for additional details on phones that can be switched in this manner with a help ticket

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