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Hello all, I have been a Republic Wireless customer since December 2013 and I went with the Moto X 1st Gen and now it is time for a phone upgrade. I suppose every 5 years is patiently reluctantly at best right? Before I dive into getting a new phone I almost wanted to reassess RW as a whole because of a couple problems I have been seeing.

Phone- I know this phone is old but will upgrading eliminating this dang optimizing every single power on or restart? It goes up to 102 optimizations that take at least 30-45minutes. I find this highly annoying and now with the decreased battery life if I forget to charge the cell during the day I am forced to deal with this.

Phone or RW- Sometimes the phone rings in a call but I am stuck at the phone answer/do not answer display screen. I am forced to swipe not answer and hang up the call. I had to do this a few times in the last week and I’m not sure what it is if its the wifi handoff or the phone isn’t fast enough to keep up with the software of RW.

So I am debating whether or not to stick with RW or go with another cell provider. Especially when most times I cannot even verify my cell number on the internet with companies that need it even with the popular area code 786.

Any phone suggestions or should i switch out to TMobile?

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Hi @jamesd.eepbs9!

I am on the new Republic My Choice plan with a GS7. I haven’t experienced the issues that you have had with your legacy device. It’s worth noting that the new phones Republic sells do NOT have a custom ROM. it’s also worth noting that the new phones work on TMobile’s network (select phones work on Sprints as well). As far as the optimization thing, I have experienced that with a G1 on Republic. It was a bug that isn’t present on the newer phones. Some good phones that aren’t too expensive are the Moto G5 Plus or G5S Plus, Moto X4, Moto Z Play or Moto Z2 Play. It’s also worth noting that you can bring your on phone to Republic as well (you can buy it on eBay and bring it to Republic)-just make sure that model numbers and/or SKUs match. You can find a list of phones here.


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This should only happen after a Android upgrade, not every reboot.

In my experience, this happens when on WiFi and for some reason there was a significant tank in internet speed, pretty rare though. Although this problem has not happened at all since my upgrade in october.

I bought the Moto G5S+ and it’s fantastic. If you check there reviews section there is a few great reviews that might help you. You can also find my thread there.



There is a fix for that. I don’t have the fix under my finger at the moment, but someone more familiar with the problem will be along shortly.

That is a bit of an unusual issue. One way to narrow down the cause is to restart the phone in Safe mode and take a few calls. If the problem does not occur while in Safe mode, the problem is caused by a buggy third-party app on your phone that should be removed until the bug is fixed. If it continues even in Safe mode, there would be a different approach to fixing the problem.

The problems you are having are not directly an issue with the Republic Wireless service. Those are strictly phone, router or user issues.

Sometimes, the fix for this is to navigate into the phone’s settings to get the phone’s underlying phone number (RW phones have a hidden phone number) that the cell carrier uses to provision the phone. That number is subject to change, however, when you get a new phone (typically).

If you would post a specific incidence of this nature here in the community, community members can help you sort this problem out, as well. In most cases, success can be achieved if dealing with normal standards and conventions. Give it a try.




Count your blessings. My gently used always cased Moto X 1 had a cellular radio failure after only 2 1/2 years of use.

Agree with your own assessment it is time for a new phone. You’ll find the newer phones and the My Choice plan to offer you a much better user experience and you won’t see the long power up times. I’ve used a variety ($100-$300) of the compatible phones and they have all worked well.

If T-Mobile provides good network coverage in your area you should be happy to know they are RW’s GSM network partner. Your Moto X is current using RW’s Sprint CDMA network which is also still available for many of the compatible unlocked phones you can now use with RW.

Be sure to read up on the My Choice plan and the phones network compatibles.
Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless
Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help

Good luck with your choice.

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This happens for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re starting up while plugged in. If so, unplug before starting and voila.
  2. You’re holding the power button too long. Don’t hold it until you see the process starts. Count to a maximum of two and then let go. The phone will start shortly thereafter.
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I am in same situation with a Moto X (1st Gen) and looking at upgrade. What are advantages of Moto G5S Plus and Moto G5 Plus? Looks like it is mostly the camera and photo software. Thanks for any help in making my decision.



Rather than just repeat everything in my thread, I’ll point you to it. I compare it to my Moto X2. Feel free to ask any questions there if I fail to cover something you want to know.

As for the Normal G5, it shares a lot of things with the G5S+ other than the body and screen. There are probably some other differences but that seems to be the most noticeable ones.



If the Moto G5S Plus was available at same time as the Moto z Play, I probably would have bought the G5S instead. Practically the same phone, but a lot less $$. The G5S Plus is a great phone for the money. On paper, at least.



Thanks guys for your help. Once I find the embedded phone number for my MotoX for verification purposes I will be more comfortable with staying with RW. Especially after hearing that i have TMobile as a network partner in my area.

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My wife is looking at the Moto Z, while I just want something that is fast, reliable, and has great picture taking.



What is your goal in knowing that number?



I too had this problem at one point, and noticed that it seemed more likely to occur when booting while plugged into power. Given the scenario you mentioned (battery dies in the middle of the day) have you tried charging for a while and then booting up on battery and seeing if you still have to wait for the Optimizing Apps step? One of my phones did get into a state where it was doing this on every boot (even when not plugged in). I found a fix somewhere online that involved booting into recovery and clearing the cache partition IIRC, although I can’t find the details at the moment :confused: I may be able to dig up the solution later on, let me know if you’d like that and nobody else has chimed in with the details first.

But yes, sounds like time for a new phone anyway. I’m also still on a gen 1 Moto X and am just waiting until the battery degrades a bit more before pulling the trigger on a new device too!



That’s one of two reasons that it happens. Starting while plugged in, or holding down the power button for too long. One should simply hold the power button for about a count of one, and release it. Holding it until the screen actually comes on will often cause the optimizing.



FYI, If powered off and not on a charger none of my Moto phones, G1, G3, MXP or G4 will power on by merely holding power button down for just a second or two and releasing. All of them require holding it down until the M startup screen appears. While just checking off charger neither the G1 or G3 went through the long optimizing process.

When powered off and charging start up process/options are different and “simply hold the power button for about a count of one, and release” appears to be a good option to prevent the long start up on affected phones.

I don’t recall ever seeing my G3 go through the long start up. My G1 will do so on charger if power button held longer and so did my X1. Seems as the later G3 and X2 don’t have this issue? Is there a list of buggered phones? Thanks.



Yeah it almost always happens if turned on while charging.



Nice if you can avoid that one issue.

You should quickly see the benefits of upgrading to a 3.0 phone on the My Choice plan. The previous replies offer some good advice on the phones/plan and coverage available when you decide to upgrade.

Just do it (upgrade). Good luck.



I have that issue, but it’s not biggie for me. Why? Because with that old phone, you get the old pricing plan. Any upgrade puts you into their new pricing matrix (increased). Like any business, they price creep as demand accelerates. That’s fine. Republic remains a cost leader, but is edging into territory where they begin to lose differentiation from competition, price-wise. Yup, I’m a transactional customer. Meanwhile, their service is great, the idea remains valid, just watch when the prices coalesce at some point. My advice? Stick with 'em, and also see if they have a workaround for the update stuff.



I have been a member since 3/2013. I had the Motorola DEFY or whatever it was. I replaced it in 2017. Someone else in my area I knew also had republic and the same phone. We both were happy. They got a new phone first and was very dissatisfied with it. Kept having dropped calls and areas where the phone wouldn’t work in our rural area. One thing I found out they didn’t do was check on the republic website via zip code what phone was recommended. I on the other hand bought the recommended phone Moto G4 and I have had no such problems. Calls go through and no drops and I am able to send and receive even in valleys where I would get cut off with the old phone. (one valley stretch of road I rarely traveled). Not all phones were suggested for my area. One of the phones not suggested was the one the other person got. Yeah they got something fancier and maybe more features but they lost all the functionality and reliability. So it was their own fault. They weren’t even going to use the features that the other phone had. .



Same thing was happening to my Moto X (1st), and just pulled the trigger and ordered the Moto 5G Plus. And what a difference. Faster app loading, faster everything. Battery lasts me 2 days plus. Lighter in weight. Thinner. I love this phone. Wish I would have switched earlier and save myself all that aggravation Darryl.


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