iTunes App for Android?

Is there a reputable app to use to purchase songs from iTunes and play them on our RW Moto G phones? Or is there another way to go about doing that?

Hi @annep.u883v4

Like many things with Apple, it is a closed off ecosystem. Apple does not make it easy to use their software, tools, store for anything else other than their own products. This is also why some people stay with Apple because they are already invested with their music purchases, have a mac computer and iPhone. On the flip side, having that level of control also means everything just works together.

You can however load up iTunes on your computer and see about exporting the songs in a non DRM-locked file format which you can then transfer directly on the phone or upload to another service such as Google Music or Amazon Music.

Here is an guide I just found on the internet which may be able to help. The article also mentions one other solution which I didn’t even know about which is the Apple Music app which has some features such as their own cloud library access.


Thank you! I appreciate the quick response and fairly simple solution. :slight_smile:

You can also use an app like to sync your iTunes library from PC or Mac to Android.

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