Jailhouse jingle scam

is republic wireless capable of BLOCKING specific phone numbers? i would think any wireless provider would have much more power than the average cell phone consumer to alleviate the burden of never ending phone scams… in the last week i’ve logged over 30 voice mails from 541 227-5224 an insidious call that leaves repeated voice mail asking to accept a collect call and bail someone out of jail…

give me a break republic and pls BLOCK THIS NUMBER! because this expensive phone you sold me WILL NOT BLOCK IT!

with malice


The calls/voicemails that you are seeing are likely directed at the underlying GSM/CDMA number on your phone.

You can request that your underlying GSM/CDMA number be changed by submitting a help ticket.


There is no charge for this change and you may change it multiple times.

See here for useful information from fellow Republic Wireless members

How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number

Ways to Discover your Underlying CDMA & GSM Numbers.

If the calls are in fact directed at your phone number then you will need to use third party call blocking app.

RW does not have built in call blocking.

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native call blocking is included in the Huawei and Samsung phones (and I think the Nexus and Pixel) these have been add by the OEM of the phone not Republic

Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker - Android Apps on Google Play should auto hangup on any number you add to it (I used the paid version Extreme Call Blocker - Android Apps on Google Play

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I have been using mr.number for many years. As you already know this does not fix the underlying number problem. I understand there may be similar aps, that are better, at the play store.

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thanks amitl… i did request a new underlying number… this is third in as many years… at first i felt guilty for bothering rw… but in light of the fact that it appears the only way rw provides to hamper these pest… i understand the other more expensive providers block numbers asap or provide the service in phone… i no longer feel guilty when i request one from rw… someone has to deal with this! if the consumer cant.

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Mr number will not hangup just send to voicemail where call blocker will hangup

thanks wingnut and drm186…

i’ve been doing my part at first i got the whitepages call blocker which became hiya or something… these giants of the phone industry apps ( or are they fake apps) poured on the spam so fast i was astonished… in a few months i had the entire variety of spam coming in… all of this was logged by said apps… anyway… over the transom they went and i created for my moto x a whitelist (i think its called) i got a 10 second silent ringtone and finally figured out how to implement it and now only my contacts will ring and all other calls got to voice mail…

but now i’ve got voicemail jailhouse jingle jaundice BAD!

goin’ to cranky town…


LOL. You must have gotten the underlying number I used to have on one of my phones. It turns out there is some third party telephone company that works with prisons to handle inmate calls. If this is the same company that is handling calls from the prisoner trying to call me then keep listening for an option to remove your number from that service. Of course, that option requires pressing a key to send a DTMF tone so if DTMF tones aren’t working (some phones are having this problem) then pressing the button doesn’t get them off your back.


I have AVG PRO antivirus I got free from Amazon Underground. In the Privacy section it has a call blocker I have had success with but I still have 5.1 Lollipop. I don’t know how it would work on Marshmallow & Nougat. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android - Android Apps on Google Play

I see in the details this has call blocker in it too.

*** ~~ßocephous™***

very funny billg…

i would be glad if a new underlying numbers solves this… pray grovel etc…

the white list described on this site worked wonders for me after a deluge of telemarkteers last year…

this voice mail intrusion - so far 9 today - is slaying me…

to loose my voice mail is a killer since it’s the only way for anyone not on my contacts to contact me.

bocephous… perhaps you didn’t run afoul of the avg antivirus windows edition and it’s bloatware addons. maybe they’ve mended their ways.

for my needs the white list works; none absolutely none of the call blocker apps have worked on this model moto x

thanks all for your valuable feedback


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