Jelly Compatability?

Have you all seen the Jelly phone on Kickstarter? Would this be compatible with Republic and their SIM card kit?

I’d like to get this as a back-up or alternate phone.Here is what their kickstarter says on network compatibility and it is unfortunately Greek to me.

GSM: 850(Band5)/900(Band8)/1800(Band3)/1900(Band2) MHz
WCDMA: 850(Band5)/900(Band8)/1900(Band2)/2100(Band1) MHz
FDD-LTE:Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/19/20/
TD-LTE:Band 40

Everytime a gimmick phone hits Kickstarter… I guess this is 2017’s Nextbit Robin.

Hi @briand.mhd2k0,

The short answer today would be no. The hardware specs look to be compatible with Republic’s GSM network partner and it will run Android 7 Nougat. That said, Republic tests its’ app based blendedWiFi/cell service with new phones before qualifying them for use. If I’m reading correctly, at best, the Jelly would ship in August.

It’s an interesting concept. An Android smartphone that looks to be about the size of a typical flip phone. You might request future consideration here: Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone. I’ll be fascinated to see if a market emerges for it.

Thanks for the info. It does seem interesting and I hope the device works well and a market does emerge. I’m a late adopter of smartphones and the lower specs of the Jelly don’t bother me.

I would love to could transfer my SIM card over and use the Jelly when I needed too.

I’m a runner and could see potentially using it for that. Time will tell but I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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