Jet pack usage across America


When we leave here later this month with our 5th wheel I’m considering getting one of the new jet packs everyone is using for cell service. Can I use a standard Verizon or ATT unit with my Moto X 1st gen that now works with CDMA, sprint? Or do I need to get a different phone and leave RW?


the Jet Pack is a MiFi or a WiFi hot-spot link to cellular data
all Republic phones can access data via these the same as if accessing one own WiFi at home or in a restaurant.


There’s no reason you would have to leave Republic Wireless. The Jetpack is just a Wi-Fi hotspot that uses Verizon 4G LTE for the data source. You can connect to the Jetpack with your current phone like any other Wi-Fi network. I used the Sprint equivalent in my RV for several years.


Kinda thought that would work but still wondered. We’ll have a small problem with that but only because my sweetie’s phone is GSM and on ATT


If you’re looking for diversity of coverage and you have a Sprint and AT&T phone in the family, the best bet would be the Verizon jetpack which, with 3 networks, should basically provide coverage pretty much everywhere there’s a cellular network.


That is not a problem. The Jetpack doesn’t care what phone or device you are using. It only provides data over Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is the same whether the device you are connecting with is using Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or no cellular carrier whatsoever.


Apparently I would only have to change to a higher data number to use one of them. As I only use .5 GB now.


I don’t think I’m clear on what you are asking. A Jetpack is a Verizon branded mobile Wi-Fi hotspot ( You buy the device and sign up with a data plan from Verizon ( Your phones and other devices connect to the Jetpack over Wi-Fi and use your Verizon Jetpack data plan.

If you are asking about a similar service from Republic Wireless, they don’t offer a Jetpack type device, although you can use your phone to tether other devices:


Guess I forgot that I’d be on the wifi instead of cell data. Thanks.


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