Johnl.wq7gti's Journey to 5.0

Hi, got my SIM card today and am attempting to activate.

I originally purchased on an existing RW account (that had an inactive line on it), so I went through the create-a-new-account process so I could actually begin activation.

I’m attempting to follow the instructions here, and think I was doing a fine job right up until the step where I click Continue after entering my port out information and get this message:

PhoneNumber is invalid or does not exist

I’ve entered my 10 digit existing cell phone number (coming from another provider, Mint, in my case) with no punctuation.

Any help?

EDIT: Possible false alarm, I had been working in Firefox (my normal browser, which, admittedly has many plugins running in it, but is normally fine) when I got this message a couple of times. I was about to log out and try a fresh run at it when I chose to switch to Chrome instead. Luckily (it seems, based on others general experience with this process!), that worked the first time. I got to the next screen which said “submit activation” or something, and I completed that. The message now tells me:

Now you’re all set!

Your activation is in progress and should be finished in just a few minutes.

We will update you with progress at [my email address]

Note, this was a port of a number from Mint Mobile.

Out of curiosity, has your activation completed yet? Wondering if I did something wrong since mine has taken several hours, and it’s still not complete. (Previous service cancelled in only a few minutes, so that’s not the problem.)

SMS seemed to be working (though not MMS, at least over Wifi – which is troubling, though not totally unexpected).

I could seem to call out from the new SIM, but not yet receive calls last I checked (it’s been a 1-2 hours since I started the activation process).

Have you done the manual APN entry? Does MMS work over cell?

I’m not positive, but I think MMS did work fine over cell, but there’s not much point in drawing too many conclusions from my experience yet because the port/activation is not even complete yet (I’ve not yet received an email and cell data is not seemingly switch on on the phone yet).

Out of curiosity, where are the manual APN instructions?

If MMS works over cell, then cell data is active. MMS requires data.

Should this be before or after we get the promised activation email? Right now, I get a pop-up saying that my carrier doesn’t allow “dun” or “ims” APN types.

Yup, I was just about to post this myself. I was able to add the 1st and 4th APNs, but not the middle two, the dun & ims ones.

The woman on the support line said that the activation had to complete first, but, with all the confusion, I’m wondering if she was mistaken.

The exact message on a Pixel 3a is:

Carrier does not allow adding APNs of type dun, ims.

I wonder if this is because the SIM that I began the activation/porting process on about 22+ hours ago is still not fully/officially activated by RW at AT&T?

That’s my understanding and current situation.

Just for a little more context. After adding just the first APN and restarting the phone, I got a ‘Sign in to network’ popup.

When I tapped that, it goes to with the message (in tiny text, as if it’s in a browser):

Free Message: Your attempt to connect to data service was unsuccessful. Please try again later.

Same here. It appears that whatever is holding up our activation, it is the same problem for both of us.

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I can report that sometime yesterday (afternoon, I think) the phone I’ve been writing about finally did activate and we can make/receive phone calls, SMS and MMS on cellular.

One thing that does not seem to function (as I had feared it might not) is MMS over Wifi only (important to me due to poor cellular reception at my home for I believe all three providers). This phone I’m porting was not just on a RW 4.0 plan, but was at Mint Mobile.

Calls/SMS/MMS all have worked pretty reliably over Wifi only on the legacy RW plans (yes, I know why, because they used a completely different RW technology and didn’t need to rely on Verizon/TMO/AT&T Wifi calling/texting technology), so I’m reluctant to leave RW 4.0 with my other phone but will probably need to soon due to the age of that phone.

I’ll be interested to see if RW tech support can get us anywhere on MMS over Wifi in the coming days as these activation problems settle down.

This may have something to do with these APNs I suppose and whichever one is supposed to support MMS and whether AT&T allows access to that APN solely over their own cellular network or over Wifi as well.

Side note: it’s really annoying how different the tech behind MMS and SMS apparently is even though to users it feels like all the same thing.

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Have you tried enabling chat features? They should work on 5.0 plans:

One solution on the AT&T forums says that disabling Wi-Fi calling will allow MMS to function over Wi-Fi. :man_shrugging:

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Chat features (a/k/a RCS) do indeed work with 5.0. While that mitigates lack of MMS over WiFi, it wouldn’t help if one needs to exchange MMS over WiFi with iPhone users or other Android users using a text messaging app that doesn’t support RCS.

We had issues with that on one of the phones too. Correcting the APN settings did the trick.

Just double-checking, did you follow these APN instructions? These are the ones that resolved the issue for me:


Sounds like a job for Macrodroid.

I just use Google Voice and don’t worry about carrier SMS, MMS, or number porting for that matter.


I am aware of those instructions, and did follow them as best I could with the Pixel 3a for this phone number. As stated earlier by me and @rolandh and possibly others, on some phones, you get a message saying the provider won’t allow specifying dun and ims APN Types, which correspond to APN #s 2 and 3 in those instructions, so I’ve not been able to enter those two but have the other two.

To be clear: you’re saying that in Airplane Mode (cellular radio off), and Wifi on, you’re able to send & receive MMS messages (without any RCS features, if that’s even possible on MMS) on your new RW 5.0 phones?

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