Junk emails are a problem

How do I screen and keep so many of these junk emails from coming to my email address?

Hi @annh.dvl3ol As you may know, Republic doesn’t have anything at all to do with your email so really can’t impact in any way what spam does or doesn’t reach you. That job is up to whatever company is providing your email. In most cases spam filtering is turned on by default and there really isn’t any way to adjust it. You should make sure you’re using whatever “report spam” functionality your email provider provides as that trains their systems to block those types of messages. If you’ll share who your email provider is (the part of your email after the @ sign) we may be able to offer slightly more specific advice for that provider.


Embarqmail.com my provider. I can control spam on my PC but not on my phone because there is no menu on the phone that I can find?

You won’t have that option because CenturyLink doesn’t provide the capability unless you’re accessing the email through their website (which you could do via their mobile browser on your phone).

How do I view the email through their mobile browser?

Open Chrome on your phone and navigate to http://centurylink.net/zmail/index.php

Maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and to get a new email address. ProtonMail does an absolutely perfect job of blocking spam, fishing, etc. while offering true end-to-end encryption. They offer a free email address, but after being one of their first users years ago I can recommend the paying option to be really worth the money spent. There are other benefits I will not go into here. It’s worth a read on this page: https://protonmail.com/

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